Evening Gown Envy!

Every now and again I get seriously green eyed when I see red carpet dresses that I think are amazing!

Unfortunately, without a mega budget, these styles will only be seen in my dreams, but hey I still love to imagine what I would look like wearing them!  After seeing this year’s Met Ball photos, I fell hard for some of the looks and I mean HARD!

…. Emma Stone and Blake Lively pulled out all the stops to impress hostess Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, in gowns by Thakoon and Gucci Premi

And you have to admire the simply stunningly bold Oscar De La Renta dress worn by SJP.  Love or hate it you have to admit it makes a statement and gloriously celebrates fashion which is what the Met Ball is all about!

BIG time, serious dress envy when I saw Rosie Huntington Whiteley wear a jaw droppingly daring Balmain sort dress!  I WANT it

Aaahhhhh, I would die happy if I had Victoria Beckham’s dress hanging in my wardrobe.  You NEVER disappoint VB and I love the fact this is from her own collection with trademark full zip running the length of the dress at the back ..

And I have to admit I actually really like Chrissy Teigen’s dress by Ralph Lauren as well.  It wasn’t my absolute favourite of the night BUT I loved the collar detail.  I thought it was stunningly elegant and the silver grey colour did stand out from the crowd too

Back to daydreaming about these gorgeous gowns and the gorgeous women who wore them. Bloody lucky ducks!!!


Fancy looking like Mila Kunis???

Photos were recently taken of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at his brother’s wedding which took place at the weekend.

Mila chose not to upstage the bride in a very pretty, soft pink, full-skirted dress.  She also decided against jewelry and kept her hairstyle very simple as well.  Considering she is a famous, Hollywood actress, who is never off the red carpet I think this was very classy of her.

Unlike a certain someone …..Does anyone remember Victoria Beckham’s oufit to Davinia Taylor’s wedding back in 2003?  To me, when I saw the pictures, I believed it to be a classless and blatant attempt to outdo the bride ….

Anyway, back to Mila’s flowy, strapless, bridal attire …. An extremely similar look is available for hire at Belle Dress Hire in a size 6/8.  Attending a wedding in Spring/Summer 2014?  This choice of dress would be perfect!!

Girl on the Right wearing: Soft Pink Strapless style, Belle Dress Hire.

Girl on the Right wearing: Soft Pink Strapless style, Belle Dress Hire.



Sizzling in Sheer …

… I know I have posted about this trend already but when you see Victoria Beckham donning sheer fabric, it’s something everyone needs to know!!

Ok, you may not personally like her sophisticated style but you can’t deny that she always looks “polished” and her dress at the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund dinner is no exception.

I am loving the slicked back hair with this look and it just goes to show you can wear black from top to toe and look amazing!!  Black is NOT boring!!!

I’m not 100% sure I like the peekaboo bra, in fact no I really don’t like it at all, but love the combination of this tight fitting dress coupled with the softness of the sheer fabric paneling.

Posh looks sexy, sophisticated, elegant, fashionable and edgy.

Get a similar look with this stunning all black, full length evening gown with sheer mesh paneling at Belle Dress Hire in Lisburn which is available to hire in a size 8 ….

Black Size 8

Clueless? I think NOT!!

I was in my absolute element on Sunday afternoon when I watched cult classic, Clueless with Alicia Silverstone and the late Brittany Murphy.  Whilst I was so excited to see the film for the first time in years, I also felt a tinge of sadness coming over me when I realised that I’d forgotten poor Brittany Murphy is no longer with us. If you haven’t looked at how Brittany cared for her cancer stricken mum and husband you should read the article by The Hollywood Reporter. An inspirational and tragic story.

Anyway, as I said before, I have always LOVED this film and back in the day thought Alicia Silverstone was the most beautiful girl in the world and SO wanted to be like her.  Who can forget her puppy dog eyes as the lovable character, Cher and those AMAZING plaid suits and over-the-knee socks ..

I remember begging my mum to buy me a similar outfit from the label, Replay which I still have in the wardrobe!  Now whilst the jacket and skirt combo might be a little too much for walking down Belfast’s Royal Avenue, I am so going to dust off this outfit and pair the jacket with jeans and the skirt with a plain polo neck as I’m sure you fashionistas out there know …. TARTAN IS BACK IN FASHION!  This trend is HUGE for Autumn/Winter 2013 and has the top celebs such as Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry, copying the style made famous by the film Clueless over 8 years ago!!!

There is a valuable lesson to be learnt here ladies, DON’T THROW ANYTHING OUT!!!  Pack it away for a few seasons before it reemerges as the next big fashion trend!

Great Fashion Choices!!

I feel bad that I was so negative in my blog earlier today on the bad fashion choices at the 2013 VMAs, so thought I’d write something upbeat to counter balance the negativity!!

Just loving the relaxed look on Victoria Beckham who was snapped at Heathrow Airport in a cute little number.  All too often we see stars boarding flights in ridiculously uncomfortable outfits not fit for travel so it’s refreshing to see Posh in this flirty outfit.

What I love even more about it is the fact that you can so easily replicate this look from bargain buys on the High Street!!  Just snap yourself up a tartan, short kilt skirt, simple black round neck jumper and a pair of suede shoes and Voila!!  Of course the designer, oversized sunglasses and handbag make VB’s kilt look that little bit more “posh” but the rest of this look can be copied from items at Primark, TopShop, New Look and H&M stores.

From one great fashion choice to another …. Georgia May JaggerI do love trouser suits especially when they are tailored and fit the body perfectly.  I think there’s nothing more elegant and chic on a woman.  Normally, I think classic black is the best way to go, but I just adore the gold, shorts version that Georgia wore at a Fashion Show in Sydney, Australia.  The fact that she has legs that go on forever probably makes this outfit look even more amazing but I just love her hair which is so simple and glossy and her minimal make up as well.  This is a fantastic example of a modern, fresh take on a classic trouser suit.  Love Love Love this!!

Beyonce’s new blonde bob …

I posted just last week about how disappointed I was in Beyonce’s “new do”.  First of all, she cropped her hair into a pixie cut which I loved and thought was very cutting edge and dramatic.  Then to my dismay, she added extensions to the either side of her head at the front, giving the world famous diva a very dishevelled, “boho” look which to be honest just doesn’t suit her or her fashion style.  Maybe Beyonce was trying to prove that she can be a chameleon with her look and we shouldn’t just always expect her with long flowing hair and short hot pants.  Regardless of this, Beyonce has now gone on to change her hair once again, this time sporting a very sleek, platinum blonde bob.

Now, you would think I’d be delighted with the fact that she had very quickly ditched the “short at the back/long at the front” look that I despised BUT you’d be wrong!  COME ON Beyonce, if you’re trying to start trends, this isn’t the way to go!!!  My God,we have seen this look SO many times and even as far back as when Victoria Beckham was referred to as Posh!

Jenny McCarthy, NeNe Leakes, Jenni Garth, Nicki Minaj, even Paris Hilton have ALREADY rocked before!

I’m glad Beyonce has tidied up her look but why she just didn’t stick with the initial pixie cut which unbelievably made her face and skin look even more beautiful than they already are I will never know.  I continue to be disappointed with Beyonce’s hair at the moment and it’s really frustrating!!


Would you wear your underwear on a night out??

Lingerie inspired clothing has hit the catwalk and so will be launching into the high streets in a big way over the next few weeks.

From bralets to camisoles to nighties, lacy see through clothing has been on the runway shows of big designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabana as well as Jean Paul Gaultier.  We even saw Victoria Beckham don a lingerie style dress at this year’s Wimbleton final to the Royal Box.

Now some thought her dress was inappropriate for the occasion and indeed the Royal Box but I think the fact that the body of the dress was in a heavy fabric with just a touch of lace detail at the bust that she got away with it.  Do I love the dress?  The answer would have to be no.  I think it’s too young for her and also she’s bound to have had much nicer things in her wardrobe to wear than that!  It actually reminded me of her less fashionable Spice Girl days when her look I have to admit was “cheap chic” …

Things to bear in mind if you want to wear this latest craze of wearing your underwear on the outside for a night out is to actually avoid this trend completely if you are heavy busted.  It will just end up looking cheap and will attract the wrong attention.  Also, if the fabric is satin or synthetic based it will cling to your body!  Satin usually picks up static electricity so it will not be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear and will show off every lump and bump that you have!

If you want to test out this latest trend, go easy and perhaps try a silky camisole in the first instance and team with classy, black pencil trousers and lots of pearls for a sexy, yet polished and sophisticated look.  Think SJP in Sex In The City ….


Looking for a fashion investment? Look no further than the humble white shirt!

Whether you spend £25 on a white shirt on sale in the High Street or pay just short of £100 on a custom made version, there is no doubt, no mistaking, that this will be one of the best wardrobe investments you will ever make.

I would even go as far as to say that the humble cotton, white shirt rivals the LBD in terms of comfort, reliability and never going out of fashion.

So let’s look at the classic white shirt.  Just how often can we wear it?  Where can we wear it?  What can we pair this simple item of clothing with?  The answer is EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING!

So let’s first of all look at: Just how often can we wear it?  The white shirt can easily transfer from day to night.  If you are wearing a white shirt underneath a suit for the office for example or with jeans for the school run simply throw the suit jacket, trousers or jeans to one side and pair with black, pencil trousers or dressy shorts.  Add pointed toe, dressy shoes and heavy costume jewelry and VOILA!


Where can we wear a white shirt?  My God, the ideas are endless!  Just think about how changing what you team the shirt with can transform the outfit for various occasions. Wear a white shirt to the office, to the local pub, to a restaurant for a date, to the theatre, on a shopping trip, travelling on a plane, even to a BLACK TIE event!

So …  What can I pair a white shirt with?  By now you ladies should be getting this.  Think jeans, leggings, shorts, a skirt (short and long), trousers (formal and casual), suit jacket, cut offs …. even a bikini!!  Think how much you spend on various cover ups for the beach before you jet off on holiday, all you really need is ONE item, a white shirt!  Change your footwear and accessories daily and you’ll have a different look for the pool each day.

As I said at the beginning, whether you are willing to heavily invest financially in this one crucial item or spend a small amount of your pay packet to ensure a white shirt remains in your wardrobe throughout the seasons, take the plunge, make the purchase, you will not regret it!


Fashion LOVES this week ….


Let’s look at the ever stylish Victoria Beckham first.  I do love her style as it’s always so polished and chic.  VB shows us just how simple it is to lift a black coat and white shirt, just add a spot of colour in the trousers!  Victoria has chosen a carrot orange but you could of course go with anything as long as it’s bright and contrasts well against the otherwise ordinary black and white.  BUT beware!  Remember that awful purple flare trousers combination that Cheryl Cole was panned for at the X Factor launch in the US??  If you are going to wear a brightly coloured trousers make sure that they are tailored properly to fit!!  They shouldn’t be too long and cover your shoes, clingy on the thighs and no camel toe allowed!!

Too Thin??

We’ve all been there girls and me more than most to be honest.  I’ve tried every diet going from literally starving myself to no carb to gym addiction.  It seems we are constantly bombarded with images of the “body beautiful” in the media these days, but when do you cross the line and look too thin?


Nicole Ritchie and Victoria Beckham are always in the headlines for being too thin.  Are bones sticking out really attractive?  Is this what guys find sexy?  Personally, I have to say no but I appreciate that losing a few pounds does make you feel good!  Before you hit that crash diet you’ve heard about just think about 5 serious health conditions that can arise from being too thin…..

5: Heart Disease and Diabetes

4: Lowered Immune System

3: Anemia

2: Fertility Issues

1: Osteoporosis and Broken Bones

When I see girls for appointments in Belle Dress Hire that have curves in the right places, the evening dresses look so much better!  The dresses fit better and definitely have more shape.  Scarlett Johansson, Kate Upton and Kelly Brook show how having a few extra pounds of flesh on your bones really does look fantastic.