Could you cut up Vera Wang??

I read about two twin sisters from California who have started a company that makes use of old wedding dresses.  Rather than these once thought of as a “one day” outfit collect dust in a wardrobe or under a bed, Lindsey and Jennifer Radoff transform them into pillows, baby blankets and even picture frames!



What an exciting, inspirational and clever idea!  This concept can be used by all of us and not just for wedding dresses, christening robes or bridesmaid gowns, we all have items in our our closet which are dying for a little TLC makeover.


This can also be done very inexpensively as well …  think the addition of ribbon trim, a few sequin or something really simple like a brooch!  You don’t have to own a sewing machine, this can all can be achieved with some time, a needle and thread.

Just check out more inspiring photo examples from the sisters to get your ideas and creativity flowing ….