Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson at Tiffany & Co event …



Gwyneth and Kate decided to wear blue gowns at a recent Tiffany & Co party which was extremely fitting considering the company is well known for it’s famous “blue box”.

I love Kate’s dress which is floaty, elegant and feminine.  It fits her figure beautifully and really suits her blonde hair.


The only issue I have is the fabric of this dress.  Chiffon or silk dresses will always wrinkle because the fabric is so delicate.  No matter how expensive the gown this will unfortunately happen as your body naturally moves and twists around so you can see a few wrinkles around the thigh and hem of the dress in the above photo.

Gwyneth on the other hand ….. what can I say, I usually love her effortless style but I really don’t like this dress at all.  I feel the colour is too wishy washy on her and the shape is not flattering, it just seems too big all over and “bag-like”.  The fabric again isn’t great and just look at the awful puckers and pulled threads visible in the first photo just below Gwyneth’s hand!!!  Dreadful!!