Thank you ladies, for doing it right!

Even though the lack of style at this year’s Golden Globes was severely depressing …. the fact that just a few women were able to actually wear a fabulous dress for the occasion just about makes up for it.

I LOVED the Gucci dress on Margot Robbie.  I wasn’t overly aware of this Australian actress, but I understand that she acted in the soap Neighbours, before landing a role in Pan Am in 2011 and most recently acting opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

What can I say.  I love everything about this dress.  I love the colour, the detail, the cut, how stylish it looks …. and just adore the pop of colour in the emerald green shoes!  How clever and subtle.

I also think the fabulous Sophia Vergara who usually wears a very figure hugging style gets it bang on with her beautiful Zac Posen, full skirted dress.  The reason why this looks so good is that the dress is cinched really tight at the waist to show off Sophia’s “smallest part” of her body, plus the strapless nature of the bust means she can display her “famous attributes” but the final style magic here is the gorgeous turquoise necklace.  This spot of rich colour at the neck brings the whole look together.  Even though the style of the dress is quite old fashioned, it’s brought a modern twist and edge because of the accessories.  Very clever styling by Sophia’s team and she looks amazing!!!

Who would’ve thought that a 68 year old woman would beat all the young starlets in terms of glamour and style at the 2014 Golden Globes????  No idea who I’m talking about???

I give you …….. Helen Mirren in Jenny Packham.  Timeless elegance, a style that is effortless and not forced, a dress that fits properly and the colour suits the skin tone of the wearer.  No more needs to be said.