Would you shave your head???

It’s seems to be the “in thing” at the moment.  Jesse J seems to have reignited the trend for bald heads after shaving off hair for this year’s Comic Relief.  Rather than grow the hair back, Jesse seems to have been liberated by this new style and is no hurry to change it …

I have to say I didn’t immediately love the look on her, although her facial features do lend themselves extremely well to having cropped hair.  However, I saw that she has dyed her “hair stubble” a platinum blonde and I really do much prefer this look!

Another celebrity who has embraced the shaved head and rocked this look from before Jesse J tried it is Amber Rose.  As Amber has slightly rounder features, I feel this look is much softer on her and is more complimentary.  The fact that she has always dyed her head a really bright, white blonde again looks great especially with her complexion.

However, these young starlets are not the first to have tried out this look!  Do you remember Sinead O’Connor?  One of the first celebrities I can remember on Top of the Pops with her number one hit, Nothing Compares To You complete with a shaved head.  I also remember that everyone thought she look absolutely stunning!  And then you have the many Hollywood actresses who have had to shave their heads for a role, now that’s dedication for you.

The most recent star to have been given up their tresses for an acting role is Karen Gillan from the Doctor Who series.   I couldn’t help but cry inside that her beautiful, usual red hair had been shorn to the root.  Stunning, natural red hair is so unique and hard to come by these days so I really feel bad for poor Karen who doesn’t really even suit this style.  However, I suppose we can all rest easy.  At the end of the day it’s just hair.  It doesn’t define us as a person and Karen’s very lucky, in her case it will grow back!!