“Someone has just walked in … in the same dress as you!”

It’s every woman’s nightmare.  After hunting to find the perfect dress and accessories someone walks into the event 5 minutes after you in exactly the same outfit.  Disaster!!! That’s why I always suggest that Belle Dress Hire customers try to customise their evening looks by adding a piece of vintage, family jewelry which no one else would ever have.  Or dig out a shawl or fur wrap which an old aunt left for you in their will, dust the mothballs off and again you’ll have something unique.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard we try, this situation is at times simply unavoidable.

A friend of mine, recently attended a wedding in a random separate top, belt and skirt which she pulled together into an outfit.  No chance of someone turning up in the same thing, right???  WRONG!  Would you believe that another wedding guest had the exact same top and shoes on but a different skirt and belt yet in the same colours in an extremely similar style.  My friend found the whole thing amusing as there was simply nothing she could do, however, the other guest was not very happy at all and went home to change after the wedding ceremony.

Another situation which may occur is someone posts a photo on Facebook in the same dress/outfit that you posted yourself in a few months previous.  Not only does this girl look better in the dress than you, she got 50% more likes and comments than you did!!  This is something celebrities have to endure on a regular basis.  Take this example, Britney Spears wearing a royal blue Herve Leger dress and Beyonce wearing practically an identical dress (although they aren’t the same designer).

Even though the dresses are from two completely different designers they look exactly the same.  So….. “Who wore it better?”  For me, I think both choices of footwear are awful!!!!  But I like Britney’s more natural, tousled hairstyle than Beyonce’s.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you prepare and plan in advance there may just be one occasion where another girl turns up in either the same outfit or something extremely similar.  So how do you react?  Either you have a hissy fit which makes you look ridiculous and petty OR you simply go up to the girl, have a good giggle and get a photo taken together.  Remember the scene with Miley Cyrus from Sex In The City ……



Would you wear your underwear on a night out??

Lingerie inspired clothing has hit the catwalk and so will be launching into the high streets in a big way over the next few weeks.

From bralets to camisoles to nighties, lacy see through clothing has been on the runway shows of big designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabana as well as Jean Paul Gaultier.  We even saw Victoria Beckham don a lingerie style dress at this year’s Wimbleton final to the Royal Box.

Now some thought her dress was inappropriate for the occasion and indeed the Royal Box but I think the fact that the body of the dress was in a heavy fabric with just a touch of lace detail at the bust that she got away with it.  Do I love the dress?  The answer would have to be no.  I think it’s too young for her and also she’s bound to have had much nicer things in her wardrobe to wear than that!  It actually reminded me of her less fashionable Spice Girl days when her look I have to admit was “cheap chic” …

Things to bear in mind if you want to wear this latest craze of wearing your underwear on the outside for a night out is to actually avoid this trend completely if you are heavy busted.  It will just end up looking cheap and will attract the wrong attention.  Also, if the fabric is satin or synthetic based it will cling to your body!  Satin usually picks up static electricity so it will not be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear and will show off every lump and bump that you have!

If you want to test out this latest trend, go easy and perhaps try a silky camisole in the first instance and team with classy, black pencil trousers and lots of pearls for a sexy, yet polished and sophisticated look.  Think SJP in Sex In The City ….


If you want to get ahead get a hat!!

I have always loved hats and am lucky in that the majority of styles suit me.  I believe it’s very much to do with the shape of your face (mine is oval) what style of hat best suits you so ensure to try lots of different ones on!

I visited Las Vegas this Summer and was transfixed by women at the pool who were wearing the most fabulous hats.

Now, when I say sun hats, I don’t mean a straw hat with a ribbon around it, I’m talking about a real fashion statement of a hat!  Remember Kim Cattrall in Sex In The City when she was eyeing up her neighbour whilst hiding behind a massive, wide brimmed,yellow hat?  THAT’s the type of hat I’m talking about!

To really make a fashion statement this Summer at the pool or the beach or strolling along the shops in the sun, forget about over priced bikini’s and invest in a super-sized, fashion hat!  They are so much fun, will attract loads of attention and I haven’t even mentioned the best reason of all to buy one …… PREVENTION OF WRINKLES FROM THE SUN!!!!