Long time no see, Prince!

I’ve been told by the many, avid male readers of my blog, that although Belle Dress Hire doesn’t offer dress hire to men currently, I should post more about the male gender and not focus on lovely ladies all of the time so here we go!!

Born Prince Rogers Nelson on 7, 1958, he has amazed us during his illustrious career as a singer producing 10 platinum albums and always being a fashion icon.

We haven’t seen much of Prince in the press as of late so I was delighted to see recent photos emerge of his appearance in Stockholm, Sweden at the weekend.  And he didn’t disappoint in his choice of style either!  At a tiny 5ft 2in tall, it’s no surprise that Prince needs a few extra inches when it comes to height so you should check out his satin, white, wooden high heeled shoes!!  You would think, only Prince could possibly pull these off, right???  The idea of these boots would look ridiculous on anyone else surely???  Well the answer would be NO because “Man Heels” are extremely popular at the moment!   Long term lover of “built in heels” Tom Cruise, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Marc Jacob, Robert Downey Jr ……. the list goes on!