Glamour at the Grammys ….

….. Well sort of.  Deeply disappointed by the lack of imagination, creative styling and fashion forward designs at the 2014 Grammys.  This event is always know as the “little bit crazy red carpet event.”  In other words, it’s that one big showbiz event when stars can throw caution to the wind and wear something really different and unique.  Remember Fergie in that vivid orange lace dress with black underwear?

Ok, it may not be your cup of tea but she was going against typical fashion rules in showing her undies and the fact that she chose solid black underwear as well made an additional statement.  Fergie took advantage of the fun side of the Grammys with this look

How I wish some of her peers had also had this idea at the weekend

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce.  Now I haven’t seen the footage myself but I hear you put on quite a risqué show??!!  That aside.  What the hell????

The hair is SSSSOOOOOO horrendously bad.  There are no words.  AND also, haven’t we seen this dress on multiple stars, in different colours, in sightly different textures of lace about 5 million times over the past good few years????  Come on, this is the most imaginative you could come up with??  Haven’t we seen this on Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Rhianna, oh and even yourself only at a different event in black???!!!!!!  Seriously, so disappointe

I can’t believe I am actually typing this, but you have to check out Paris Hilton!!!!!  Now THIS is a “Grammys” dress.  I’m still in shock that she got this so right.  It fits her perfectly and I love how she has styled the whole look from accessories to hair. Have to also give her credit cos the girl knows how to work a dress!

Have to also say I’m a big fan of updos with evening dresses, so I loved Katy Perry’s hair.  If you have an event coming up consider her look because it will look immaculate the entire night as with enough hair spray and pins it won’t move

I’m still making my way through pics from the night and if anything else jumps out at me I’ll be sure to write another blog but I mean, nothing has stood out at all.  Yes, Taylor Swift looked beautiful, but it was safe.  Stunning absolutely yes she was, but boring so will keep looking for superstar fashion today from the Grammys and will keep you all posted!


Seriously Madonna, act your age!!

55 year old Madonna was snapped recently in Rome, sporting a gold grill when she visited her fitness studio chain, Hard Candy.

So what, you might say?  All the cool celebs seem to be wearing these lately!  And yes, I would totally agree with you, however, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Rhianna have all got one thing in common ….. they’re under 25 years of age!!!

I understand that Madonna is an icon.  Surely she can get away with anything?  She has started more fashion trends than enough which we still can see ignited in recent times for example fingerless gloves and also bralets (without cones however).  But honestly, at Madonna’s age surely she can come up with something better than this?

Cropped tops? How best to wear this style?

We are all desperately clinging onto the last few “official” weeks of Summer time in August.  So some of you ladies out there may finally have decided to try the cropped top trend that has been donned by both the young and the slightly more mature 30 year old woman on the red carpet of late.  However, be warned!!!  There is a danger where this look is concerned as if you tip slightly over the line, the style can look really cheap.

Take Rhianna for example ….. She was one of the first celebs to champion the cropped top look and has incorporated this trend into her collection for River Island, but even she has been on both sides of the coin whilst wearing this look. Rhianna chose to wear a stunning diamante cropped top with short sleeve which doesn’t show too much of the stomach or bust and simply paired this with fashionable denim.  This looks casual yet really stylish at the same time and makes me want to copy this look myself.  Then disaster strikes with another outfit …. First of all the outfit overall is just too revealing!  If wearing a cropped top DO NOT pair with shorts or a mini skirt, it just exposes way too much skin.  Because this style is all black as well, the overall look comes across as really cheap and tacky.

Other ladies who have got this trend bang on is Kimberley Walsh who paired a cropped top with tailored trousers, giving her an elegant and chic outfit with just a hint of sex appeal.  I also spotted Rooney Mara at a recent red carpet event and she has paired the shorter top with a simple pencil skirt.  Both of these ladies prove that by resisting the urge to “dare to bare” you can achieve a great look, that’s sexy but not trashy.

My advice would be this … if you want to try out this trend, pair a cropped top with a longer length trouser or skirt.





Seeing Red at GQ Men of the Year Awards …

Recently held at Hollywood hot spot, Chateau Marmont, the GQ Men of the Year Awards saw stars such as Rihanna, Jennie Garth and more seeing red.

Rihanna decided to brave the cold in a mere “slip” of a dress that some would remark looks like a nightie!  No one however can deny that she is really sexy in this number.  She keeps her accessories and hair simple, complimenting the look with a red lip and red shoes.  Unfortunately, Jennie doesn’t look so good in her outfit which doesn’t seem to be tailored very well at all to fit her body shape.  The zips also make this look cheap.