Copy designer runway dress at Belle Dress Hire!!


During New York Fashion Week earlier in the year, a full length sheath gown debuted on designer, Tadashi Shoji’s runway.  To us mere mortals, owning a Tadashi Shoji dress is but a dream as evening gowns such as the one in the photo above run into thousands of pounds to purchase.  And that’s only if you manage to get your name on a buying list with a long wait ahead of you of Hollywood actresses, Royalty, “IT” girls from around the world etc  So yeah, it’s probably never gonna happen!

However, imagine you could hire a dress which looks almost identical to this one as seen on the runway?  Imagine you could wear a similar dress to your next event for just £100 hire fee?  Well check this out …


Now available at Belle Dress hire in a size 6, this extremely elegant, delicate sheath dress with mesh detailing and fragile beading all over the gown is simply stunning.  Anyone who wears this dress will feel like a movie star.  This is a style that would rival any evening gown on the red carpet at the moment.  After seeing the dress on a few customers, I have to say that bold makeup with this dress is a must (think of the lady characters in the TV programme Boardwalk Empire for inspiration), a light tan (definitely no orange hues on the skin!) and probably either auburn or brunette hair would compliment the style the best.

This dress is not a typical “hire dress” simply because of its fragility lightness of fabric and delicate beading, therefore cost to hire is slightly more than the usual £70 hire fee.

If you would be interested in trying this dress on, please do make an appointment and contact

Getting it right from behind at the Emmys!!

Following on from my previous post about this year’s red carpet at Downtown L.A’s Nokia Theatre, I wanted to comment on another trend that seemed to be making a scene.  Sheer madness baby!!  Once again, starlets such as Julianne Hough, Homeland’s Claire Danes and indeed Padma Lakshmi all chose to display a little more flesh that usual, but kept things tasteful with the addition of sheer mesh fabric.

Both of these ladies have again decided to pick a very pale hue but have kept the style daring and fashionable because they are flashing a little skin.  Remember ladies, if you are going to copy this look, your skin must be toned and in fab condition.

Although, I applaud Julianne Hough’s braveness to wear a fully sheer skirt I can’t help but admit I find the dress nicer from far away than it is up close, sorry!!!  I really wanted to like this immensely when I first saw the photos but unfortunately the more I look at the dress the more I’m not so keen on it.


Belle Dress Hire again has some beautiful dresses which come with mesh detailing available to hire in sizes 6 and also 8 …





Think taffeta is old fashioned? You’d be wrong!!

My fashion crush of the moment, Lily Collins demonstrates just how fabulous and modern the fabric taffeta can be!  Lily was seen at the German Premiere of film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with co star Jamie Campbell Bowers in a fabulous two piece.

Generally, people perceive taffeta to be an old fashioned, bridesmaid dress fabric but how wrong you would be to dismiss this fabric choice.  Taffeta is actually extremely flattering on the figure.  With a luxurious sheen within the material and a natural stiffness, taffeta photographs extremely well and lasts for years without losing it’s goodness.

Lily is showing us just how easy it is to pair a current trend of “the cropped top” with an older concept of a fuller skirt.  Add a few bits of chunky, gold jewelry and you have an instant style hit!

When I looked into this in more detail I’ve actually been able to find quite a few celebs who have not been ashamed to don taffeta on the red carpet!  Keira Knightley, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lawrence have all showcased this fabulous fabric before.

At Belle Dress Hire, I have a stunning taffeta, mermaid shaped dress which I wish more ladies would give a chance!  This is exactly the same shape in the skirt as Lily Collin’s so it’s very current and on trend. Available to hire in a size 10, this style also comes with an accompanying wrap for around the shoulders and would look absolutely stunning at a wedding ….

Jane & Grainne

Customer on the right of photo wearing full length, black taffeta with blue bodice dress.


Loving Lily!!!!

The absolutely stunning, 24 year old, Lily Collins is just not making the headlines for her acting ability but for her amazing sense of fashion and THOSE eyebrows!!!!

I have never felt so jealous of brows before and feel ashamed that mine have been plucked beyond repair, how I wish I could turn back time…..

Eyebrows are so very important, as they frame our face and can highlight personality and expression.  There have been some disastrous, exaggerated examples of brow shapes by the TOWIE cast in recent years so it’s refreshing to see how Lily has kept her’s so natural and full.  She will be making many women out there regret ever buying eyebrow tweezers as we all know once you start plucking it’s incredibly hard to stop!!

Enough about the brows, let’s move onto Lily’s sense of style which has proven to be innovative, young and extremely diverse.

It of course helps because Lily is very slim and extremely beautiful with raven black hair and a porcelain complexion so everything potentially should look good on her!  However, it seems that Lily is not afraid to experiment with fashion and try completely different looks.  No matter what style she has decided to go for, you’ll see by the evidence below, Lily ALWAYS looks very groomed yet fresh and young and above all, natural.  As a 24 year old girl in Hollywood, a large number of actresses around her age should take note of Lily and the fact that you don’t need to show alot of skin or wear lots of make up to look sexy and make the front pages of the papers and magazines.  I am really looking forward to watching Lily very closely on the red carpet during the rest of 2013 …



Cropped tops? How best to wear this style?

We are all desperately clinging onto the last few “official” weeks of Summer time in August.  So some of you ladies out there may finally have decided to try the cropped top trend that has been donned by both the young and the slightly more mature 30 year old woman on the red carpet of late.  However, be warned!!!  There is a danger where this look is concerned as if you tip slightly over the line, the style can look really cheap.

Take Rhianna for example ….. She was one of the first celebs to champion the cropped top look and has incorporated this trend into her collection for River Island, but even she has been on both sides of the coin whilst wearing this look. Rhianna chose to wear a stunning diamante cropped top with short sleeve which doesn’t show too much of the stomach or bust and simply paired this with fashionable denim.  This looks casual yet really stylish at the same time and makes me want to copy this look myself.  Then disaster strikes with another outfit …. First of all the outfit overall is just too revealing!  If wearing a cropped top DO NOT pair with shorts or a mini skirt, it just exposes way too much skin.  Because this style is all black as well, the overall look comes across as really cheap and tacky.

Other ladies who have got this trend bang on is Kimberley Walsh who paired a cropped top with tailored trousers, giving her an elegant and chic outfit with just a hint of sex appeal.  I also spotted Rooney Mara at a recent red carpet event and she has paired the shorter top with a simple pencil skirt.  Both of these ladies prove that by resisting the urge to “dare to bare” you can achieve a great look, that’s sexy but not trashy.

My advice would be this … if you want to try out this trend, pair a cropped top with a longer length trouser or skirt.





Optical Illusion Dress at Belle Dress Hire …

If anyone wants to look like they have lost a few pounds, the ideal evening dress to wear is a black and white “optical illusion” gown.

Black and white dresses have been really popular on the red carpet because they look so flattering, stylish and chic.  I am delighted to launch this fabulous new dress which is available to hire in a size 10 at Belle Dress Hire with a matching wrap for around the shoulders.  The position of the white panels at the waist means that it instantly looks smaller hence the optical illusion idea. This dress has a low scooped back therefore looking fabulous from the back as well as the front!  I am so excited for someone to come and try this on!!


Best Red Carpet Dresses of all time ….

I decided to go back in time for this blog post as there has been so many iconic dresses which appeared on the red carpet over the years.  Remember “that” Halle Berry Oscar dress for example ….

Who could forget the unforgettable Nicole Kidman “yucky yellow” dress which shouldn’t have worked (especially as it’s satin which I personally hate!) but it so did!  Or the backless Hiliary Swank navy blue dream dress as well the funky pairing of purple with turquoise jewelry in which Cameron Diaz dazzled.

And there’s always the personal favourites ….  I just loved Angelina Jolie’s cream with red one shoulder number and her amazing emerald green sequin dresses which she wore at separate Golden Globe Award ceremonies.  Sheer elegance!

You may also have forgotten the beautiful grecian style dress which Jennifer Lopez wore a few years ago to the Oscars, just beautiful …


There has been gorgeous dresses on the red carpet this year but I thought we should reflect and pay tribute to styles from a few years back so we could bask in their glory!!

My Favourite 2013 Oscar gown goes to ….

How STUNNING does Charlize Theron look!!!!!!!  This custom made Christian Dior gown is simply breath taking.  It’s so simple, but oozes elegance and style.  Charlize knows how to wear a dress there’s no doubt about that.  She exudes confidence and absolutely rocks that super short pixie style haircut.  Even with the “boyish” crop, Charlize still looks the epitome of feminine grace.  The structured waist of this gown is the only “hard” thing about this entire look.

Charlize also very cleverly kept her make up very simple but wait you check out a close up of her wrist …………you should look at the sparkle!!!  OMG, absolutely gorgeous!  This lady is 37 years old and left the younger starlets, half her age for dust on the Oscar red carpet this year.  One hundred percent, without a doubt, my favourite look of the night.

Oscar 2013 High’s ….


The ladies below were definitely among my favourites at this year’s Oscar celebrations.  All very different styles but impeccably tailored and accessorized to perfection!  I champion Zoe Saldana and Naomi Watts for their red carpet choices, simply because they stood out.  No one else wore anything remotely similiar to the event.  Whilst Zoe decided to go with a nude lip and understated make up, Jessica Chastain definitely completed her look with a fantastic red lipstick, channelling Jessica Rabbit with her lightly waved hair.  Just beautiful!  Let’s not forget Jennifer Lawrence in her show stopping Dior Couture gown!  As the face of Dior it was expected that she would wear one of the designer’s gowns but no one would have foreseen the amazing bejewelled back necklace she teamed with the dress which is something I have never seen before. 

Jessica Alba: Get a similiar look at belle dress hire …

Jessica Alba wore a stunning dress to the first baby2baby gala in California in early November. Even though parts of America have considerably warmer weather than us, she rocked a beautiful short sleeve, tulle gown. I had to agree with Joan Rivers and the gang on Fashion Police that the dress did need shortened at the bottom but apart from that, this dress is simply gorgeous!

belle dress hire has a fabulous tulle capped sleeve dress available for hire. Although the style of this dress is completely different in terms of the fabric and shape, the top of the dress is exactly the same as Jessica’s. It’s probably hard to see in this photo, but the top of this dress is completely made from nude/gold tulle, with a short sleeve. So elegant, so chic and definitely red carpet worthy ….