WOW, new style crush …

I have never heard of Nicola Peltz and I don’t believe many other people have either as up until the latest Transformers: Age of Distinction New York film, she was the 19 year old daughter of a billionaire with little to no acting experience.

But I have just seen the premiere photos from around the world of this young lady and I am hooked, no obsessed with her look!!!

Not only do I LOVE the choice of dresses but her hair and make up are sublime!  This girl knows how to look young in high fashion evening gowns unlike many of her peers *cough* Kylie and Kendall Jenner!!

Her make up hasn’t been applied with a trowel and I love the fact that she keeps her hair down so it looks soft and flowy.  The simple trick of moving her hairline makes it seem like she has used lots of different styles when she hasn’t.  I will continue to watch this lady VERY closely.  Just insanely beautiful.  Less is more ladies!!!