Bun in the oven?

I do have alot of ladies that contact me regarding maternity dresses available at Belle Dress Hire. “Unfortunately,” I always say, “I don’t specifically stock maternity evening dresses but certainly some of the styles I do have work extremely well on expectant mums-to-be.”

Enter my model, Wendy who is currently expecting her fourth child!!  At just over 4 and a half months, she looks absolutely fantastic in this strapless, navy corseted dress with diamante detail.

Wendy 4 months

Wendy wanted to “embrace” her bump, not conceal it, at a recent black tie event and so this dress worked perfectly.  The boned corset, in a slimming, dark navy jersey fabric, moulded to Wendy’s bust and then flared out towards the tummy and hip area.  Comfort was paramount for Wendy, but at the same time she didn’t want to sacrifice looking good!  And why should she??!!  Just because you’re pregnant ladies, doesn’t mean you have to wear a dress that resembles a sack!  The length of this dress was also ideal as a train could potentially be dangerous, especially in high heels!

Check out some of these other styles available at Belle Dress Hire which would work very well with a “baby tum” due to the flexibility of fabric and shape …

Multi colour Size 12MC162061 SOFT PINK (2)Winter White MC188028 NavyStrapless Grey


Seriously Kim, wise up!!

Can I just start off by saying I have always been a fan of Kim K.

Regardless of the fact that I thought she dressed horribly whilst pregnant and indeed post baby as well …. at the end of the day I always have loved her incredibly beautiful face.

However, when I saw “that” pic on Instagram, I have to say my support for Kim is severely waning …

No doubt that she looks fantastic.  Amazing!  BUT for God’s sake Kim, you are a MOTHER now!  Ok, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a nun but just … you know …. cover up a little!  We can all see that you’ve been working hard to lose the baby weight, that can easily be seen in the way your face has dramatically slimmed down.  You don’t have to show us a practically nude photo to prove it!

I’m actually really disappointed in Kim posing for this.  I totally get the fact she wants to stick two fingers up to all the critics who laughed at her pregnancy weight gain but there’s much classier ways of doing this.