Ahhhh just a hint of pink.

I have to hand it to Eva Mendes, she just looks effortlessly cool and stylish at ALL times!

We all know that soft pink or blush tones are THEE MAJOR TREND RIGHT NOW on the High Street.  However, unless you’ve pre-ordered that amazing pink coat from Marks and Spencer that has been in all the magazines, you’ll probably be at a loss of just how to incorporate this new colour trend into your fashion choices.

Remember, a trend doesn’t have to be “loud”.  What I mean is, just add a small hint of the trend to your overall look just as Eva Mendes has done perfectly with the addition of a soft pink camisole top and pointed toe shoes.  You don’t have to be dressed head to toe in pink to be considered fashionable! You don’t even have to go as far as “wearing” this colour, why not simply chose a soft blush nail colour or lipstick?  At least you would be on trend without spending a fortune.

Summer Sorbet

According to Joan Rivers and the team at Fashion Police at E!, sorbet colours will be all the rage for Spring/Summer.

At Belle Dress Hire we have some of the most gorgeous colours available for hire.  Think sugary rose pink, tantalising tangerine, icy white ….. basically the dresses are as delicious as they sound!

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