Posing for photos ….

A very good customer of mine recently asked what’s the best way to pose in an evening gown and I thought this was something a lot of people would like to know.  What’s the point in being dressed in a beautiful gown, with hair, nails and make up done without showing yourself off to your absolute best.

I’m not an expert but in a previous life when I was a performer in Las Vegas, we were encouraged to follow these rules when posing for pictures …

(1) Put tongue to the roof of the mouth which tightens under the chin area

(2) Bend arm at the elbow and place on the hip or behind the waist.  DO NOT have your arm flat to your side as this will make the top of the arm appear bigger than it is.

(3) Pull shoulders back as far as you can and arch the back.  This may feel very unnatural but it definitely works really well in photos, just look at how models use this pose at the end of runways and for photo shoots.

(4) Slightly lift chin up and tilt face slightly to one side as this will show the angles of the face.

It’s not always possible but find the best light that you possibly can in the room and make sure the photographer does NOT take a photo from below looking up (not sure of the technical term for this!) as you will appear about 2-3 times larger than you are!!

I’m sure there are lots more things that you can do to get a great photo but sometimes you can over think it and appear awkward and uncomfortable so I think it best to live by just a few rules that are easy to remember.

Using the four points above, take some test shots at home as it’s always best to practice and find your perfect pose!