Play with Formal Fashion!

Even though I have a beautiful collection of formal and evening dresses at Belle Dress Hire, I have to say I admire anyone who takes a risk with black tie fashion and makes it work!

Turning a “standard” evening dress code on its head is Taylor Swift whilst attending this year’s Country Music Awards ….

I just LOVED her look as evening wear!  LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  She’s a young girl so can have a bit of fun on the red carpet with a cropped top with cut outs showing off her trim waist and then a simple, full black skirt with side split, paired with awesome sandals

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Taylor is being lazy at this event, she’s actually been extremely clever with her styling and looks effortlessly chic.  This outfit would be so comfortable during an awards ceremony which can go on for hours.  She would be able to walk about the room in this skirt, dance etc  Ok, she may need to pass on the spuds at dinner due to the danger of a bloated mid riff ….. but skipping some carbs would be SO worth it to look like this.

I posted about Emma Watson’s play with formal wear at the Oscar’s which I didn’t care for but Taylor Swift gets it bang on in my opinion with this look.  She can’t do any wrong on the red carpet for me at the moment.

This look can be easily replicated for a fab, dressed up night out on the town.  Simply pair a cropped white top with large pantaloon trousers in a dark coloured – black or navy – floaty fabric.  These are all over the High Street at the moment!  The wider the pantaloon the better to exaggerate the waist and also to look more like a full skirt therefore channelling a more “formal” style.

Jesus Wept Emma Watson!!!

Listen, I’m all for a modern twist, new fashion trends translated from the runways to high street etc but black leggings paired with a Christian Dior gown at the Golden Globes red carpet??? I’m sorry, this just doesn’t work for me.  In fact it’s such a ridiculous notion that I had to double check this actually really happened …. and to my dismay …. yep it was real.

From the front it actually doesn’t look that bad.  In fact it looks like a cool, simple dress in a scarlet red which is beautiful on Emma.  Yeah, you’d be thinking, Mmmm not much effort made there but you know she looks young, fresh and free not stuffy and uncomfortable like some of the stars clad in sequin.  BUT then tragedy strikes.

Yes people, black, cropped trousers  which actually look more like leggings and then blue, yes you heard me right, I said BLUE shoes.

And it doesn’t just end there ….. the look is finished with one ear ring.

Don’t get me wrong, at a different event, this look would have been so cool and unique.  I would have looked at it in a completely different way.  But, I’m sorry, the Golden Globes are usually a showcase and big red carpet event to prelude the Oscars.  This was NOT the occasion to wear this.  Case of great dress, wrong event.






Welcome Back Sandra!!!

I have always liked Sandra Bullock!!  To me she seemed one of the more down to earth and friendly Hollywood actresses plus I did enjoy most of her movies as well.  I didn’t really love her fashion to be honest, some of her choices have been a hit or a miss I think over the years but I did always think that she came across in a very genuine way.

After finding out that her now ex husband, Jesse James was cheating all over the place and adopting a gorgeous little boy called Louis, it seemed as if Sandra had shunned the limelight for the past couple of years.  We haven’t seen her in any blockbusters of late, in fact the last time I remember seeing her on the red carpet was at the 2010 Oscars when she won the coveted Best Actress accolade and literally just a few days later, Jesse’s infidelity hit the headlines.  So I was delighted to see Sandra at this year’s opening of the Venice Film Festival to promote new movie with George Clooney, Gravity ….

So refreshing to actually see a movie star smiling in photos!  Honestly, the red carpet bunch usually look so gloomy and sullen with their pouts so it was great to see a real flash of teeth!!  This dress is great fun, colourful and fits Sandra perfectly showing off the best assets of her figure.  Sandra turned 49 in 2013 folks!  Doesn’t she look fantastic!!!  Hoping this is the start of Sandra coming back to the spotlight again as I’ve missed her!


Best Red Carpet Dresses of all time ….

I decided to go back in time for this blog post as there has been so many iconic dresses which appeared on the red carpet over the years.  Remember “that” Halle Berry Oscar dress for example ….

Who could forget the unforgettable Nicole Kidman “yucky yellow” dress which shouldn’t have worked (especially as it’s satin which I personally hate!) but it so did!  Or the backless Hiliary Swank navy blue dream dress as well the funky pairing of purple with turquoise jewelry in which Cameron Diaz dazzled.

And there’s always the personal favourites ….  I just loved Angelina Jolie’s cream with red one shoulder number and her amazing emerald green sequin dresses which she wore at separate Golden Globe Award ceremonies.  Sheer elegance!

You may also have forgotten the beautiful grecian style dress which Jennifer Lopez wore a few years ago to the Oscars, just beautiful …


There has been gorgeous dresses on the red carpet this year but I thought we should reflect and pay tribute to styles from a few years back so we could bask in their glory!!

Sorry girls, these were also pretty bad looks …

Tut tut tut tut ……….. Firstly, let’s talk about the worst of these two.  Renee Zellweger, we haven’t seen you on the big screen recently so this was your chance to remind us all of what a fabulous star you are.  But what do you do?  Wear the most hideous, cheap looking gold lame dress.  Now this was designed by Carolina Herrera who designs beautiful gowns but unfortunately she missed the mark on this one.  Renee looks like she literally pulled her hair back into a bobble, it looks so untidy and unflattering.  The colour of this dress does nothing for Renee’s skin tone either.  All in all, a massive failure!

I am not a Kristen Stewart fan at all, either of her acting or from what I know of her personal life but that aside, I thought this Reem Acra dress did nothing for her at all.  I know I know, the girl was on crutches!!  BUT I’m sorry that can’t make me like this pale pink brocade dress with tulle which doesn’t even fit Kristen properly.  Again, the hair looks so lack lustre and even the jewelry fails to impress, sorry!

2013 Oscar Horrors!!

Heidi Klum, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????  This is so totally inappropriate!!!  I don’t believe Heidi wore this dress on the red carpet but she did don the gown to Elton John’s annual Oscar party.  Not only is the dress far too revealing, not being harsh, but she’s far too busty and old to wear a neckline like this but what was her hairstylist doing???!!!  This hairstyle looks like it belongs in a Dynasty story line.

I understand that Heidi is going through divorce proceedings and this is bound to take its toll, but she has lost an awful lot of weight which means she looks like a lollipop and again this just looks awful.  Between the scary skinny frame, the bad hair and eye popping cleavage, Heidi gets the ultimate thumbs down for this look.  She has to sack her stylist!!!

My Favourite 2013 Oscar gown goes to ….

How STUNNING does Charlize Theron look!!!!!!!  This custom made Christian Dior gown is simply breath taking.  It’s so simple, but oozes elegance and style.  Charlize knows how to wear a dress there’s no doubt about that.  She exudes confidence and absolutely rocks that super short pixie style haircut.  Even with the “boyish” crop, Charlize still looks the epitome of feminine grace.  The structured waist of this gown is the only “hard” thing about this entire look.

Charlize also very cleverly kept her make up very simple but wait you check out a close up of her wrist …………you should look at the sparkle!!!  OMG, absolutely gorgeous!  This lady is 37 years old and left the younger starlets, half her age for dust on the Oscar red carpet this year.  One hundred percent, without a doubt, my favourite look of the night.

Oscar 2013 High’s ….


The ladies below were definitely among my favourites at this year’s Oscar celebrations.  All very different styles but impeccably tailored and accessorized to perfection!  I champion Zoe Saldana and Naomi Watts for their red carpet choices, simply because they stood out.  No one else wore anything remotely similiar to the event.  Whilst Zoe decided to go with a nude lip and understated make up, Jessica Chastain definitely completed her look with a fantastic red lipstick, channelling Jessica Rabbit with her lightly waved hair.  Just beautiful!  Let’s not forget Jennifer Lawrence in her show stopping Dior Couture gown!  As the face of Dior it was expected that she would wear one of the designer’s gowns but no one would have foreseen the amazing bejewelled back necklace she teamed with the dress which is something I have never seen before. 

The Oscars

The Golden Man Awards are over for yet another year and weren’t they simply fabulous!!  I loved the variety of looks this year with some of the younger actresses such as Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams rocking some unusual and contemporary shapes and fabrics.  However, I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t Angelina Jolie’s thigh high split in her black velvet Versace dress or Posh’s rather sour face whilst wearing the most beautifully tailored dress from her latest collection that made the headlines. Instead, it was Sacha Baron Cohen that grabbed the front pages with his ridiculous ash tossing stunt and antics on the red carpet for which he was removed by security. I used to think high profile events such as the Oscars were untouchable and such blatant behaviour to grab the spotlight to promote a film in advance of its release would simply be ignored or not tolerated. However, Sacha’s stunt proved even the most prestigious red carpet, Hollywood bash is suspectible. Sad to say that this year’s Oscars and the main reason why people watch this event … for the glamour and fashion …. was overshadowed.