Separates are SEXY!!

I just LOVE separates as evening wear.  Give me a well tailored black tux or a cropped top and pants or skirt over a full length ball gown any day of the week.  IF it’s done right of course.  From Leslie Mann and Emma Watson to Cara Delevingne and Angelina Jolie, many starlets have shunned the typical evening dress expected at red carpet events and created unforgettable fashion moments.

I applaud this completely different take on what is considered as “typical” evening wear.  I think it’s young, I think it’s fashionable, I think it’s fun and should be done so much more!

The separate concept was shown as recently as this week at the Love, Rosie Premiere in London’s Odeon West End by Kimberley Garner (former cast member of Made In Chelsea) and actress, Laura Haddock.

Even though I love this trend, I actually don’t have a wealth of separates available at Belle Dress Hire simply because the suppliers don’t offer enough of this type of thing for me to buy in!  I do however, have this absolutely gorgeous layered, black, tulle skirt with satin bow detail and a separate fitted corset with cream lace.  This skirt also looks amazing with a fitted, brightly coloured cashmere cardigan or could be paired with a simple t-shirt if you really wanted to shake things up.


frida 2


Be adventurous with evening wear, step outside the box and out of your comfort zone at your next event.  The separate outfit above is available at Belle Dress Hire for just £80 plus security deposit.

Get Louise Thompson’s look at Belle Dress Hire …

MIC star, Louise Thompson turned heads in a Stella McCartney dress over the Halloween weekend.

Take a look at the photo below …. Does it look practically identical to Louise’s designer duds just minus sleeves and price tag???  I think you’ll all be nodding your heads in agreement right now.  Hire this amazing dress in a size 10 at Belle Dress Hire for just £70  …

Black&White Size 10

It’s all about the back!!!

Girls get your spot remover creams and loofah’s at the ready!  Even though we are approaching autumn, it’s official, you need to get your back out!

Naked skin from behind was everywhere at the TV Choice Awards which were held in London’s Dorchester Hotel.

Although, do yourself a favour and DO NOT mimic Louise Thompson, from Made in Chelsea and invest in a decent spray tan!!

When you think about it, this is a really clever way of baring some skin without flashing your boobs or indeed abit of leg!

Also, it’s classy and indeed brilliant because whilst our wardrobe in mid September begins to accommodate trousers, jumpers, leather boots, scarves and tights ….. we can still be sexy on a night out simply by showing a little skin on our back!

Easily covered by a coat, short jacket or even a pashmina on the way into a bar or nightclub when it gets really cold, this is the perfect solution to keeping stylish and sexy over the next few weeks as the temperature dips.

I have been lucky enough to attend a black tie event at The Dorchester Hotel before and I have to say it’s an absolutely stunning red carpet venue.  If you have a special event coming up soon in Bangor, Belfast, Lisburn or elsewhere in Northern Ireland, check out a few of these, as Sharon Osbourne would say “fabulous” backless dresses available at Belle Dress Hire …

1170s-front-medium1170s-close-upMeganMegan 2Wwhite back