I always tell customers the importance of the “right” underwear!


I always tell my customers that choosing the right underwear is almost as important as choosing the right dress for an event!!  An evening gown can be completely ruined if the wrong underwear is worn.

Even the top fashionistas can get it wrong!  You should check out Ashley Greene and thee most awful thick panty line showing through her black leather skirt ..

Even TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh can get it wrong.  Quite simply this dress should NOT have been worn with a bra!  That’s the whole beauty of sheer fabric especially with lace detailing as on Lucy’s dress. Not even has she spoilt the look with the bra but it’s a really heavy, thick, satin padded bra as well which makes it 100 million times worse!

Do yourself a favour ladies and get properly measured at the likes of Marks and Spencer or Debenhams lingerie departments where the staff are specifically trained to measure your body and advise on the best bra and pants to wear for your shape.