Teen Choice Awards 2014

Not just for the younguns this event, the annual Teen Choice Awards has now become synonymous with goofy fun, a more relaxed laid back red carpet and on-stage jibes by the presenters both young and old.

I was surprised to see a wealth of looks at this year’s event, some of which I thought were spot on and others …. somewhat lacking.

The three most important things to consider when dressing for a special event is your age, the “type” of occasion you’re attending and the fit of your outfit.  If you only bear these three things in mind and nothing else when selecting your choice of attire you simply can’t go wrong.

There has been a real lack of red carpet/black tie events over the summer months so I haven’t been blogging so much as there literally hasn’t been anything to comment on, so let’s make up for lost time shall we?

Black, black and more black!  Black is back.  Even though we’re still in the month of August, Selena Gomez, Cher Lloyd and Kim Kardashian all decided against bright colours.  I simply LOVED Selena Gomez’s simple yet chic trouser suit and silver pointed shoes.  She is showing young ladies that you can cover up and dress elegantly when you’re young and still look stylish!  Her make up with the smoky eye, lack of accessories and slicked back hair were just perfect.

Teenie Bopper, Cher Lloyd also shone in classy black, although she kept things fun and younger with a shorter hemline and a hint of see through mesh.  Mesh fabric is so in style at the moment for evening wear, it’s a way of showing skin without being over revealing or vulgar.  It’s also great at disguising blemished or uneven skin tone as well.

At just 16, it’s hard to process just how mature Bella Thorne seems to be when making fashion choices for events.  This outfit is a little out there but I loved it on her.  The blue is perfect with her auburn colouring and the very structured silhouette and stiff fabric make the most of her small frame.  However, the mesh inset at the bust is in my opinion too low and inappropriate for her age.  Remember number one in my most important things to consider ….?

Keeping things fun was an amazing dress worn by Odeya Rush who stars alongside Taylor Swift in the upcoming flick, The Giver.  The coolest part of the dress were the pockets!  Ingenious. It keeps the style informal and downplays the fuller skirt and more dramatic corseted, lace top which all could look a tad OTT.  The fact that the hemline stops above her ankle again is a fresh take on evening/party wear.

I’m glad to see red carpet events are finally on the increase and look forward to blogging about hopefully some really interesting fashion choices.

I have a dress JUST like Kim Kardashian’s!

Ladies, I have recently added a new raspberry coloured, chiffon, halter neck dress to the collection at Belle Dress Hire in a size 8/10 AND have just discovered that Kim Kardashian wore a practically identical dress to the 2014 Elton John Oscar Party!

With a sleek do and red lips, Kim looked fabulous in this style and so can you!  The halter neckline means that it actually suits all bust-lines.  Now I know that Kim is on the slightly more voluptuous side when it comes to cup size but this dress looks gorgeous on a smaller bust as well (especially due to the discrete, sewn in bra cups – sshh no one will know!).

MC166066 Strawberry

Ok, I’ll admit that Kim Kardashian’s dress is a different fabric to the one available at Belle Dress Hire BUT that and the designer label sewn inside are the only visible differences between these dresses.  The main and most important difference of course ladies is that one of them costs just £70 to hire!!!!


Seriously Kim, wise up!!

Can I just start off by saying I have always been a fan of Kim K.

Regardless of the fact that I thought she dressed horribly whilst pregnant and indeed post baby as well …. at the end of the day I always have loved her incredibly beautiful face.

However, when I saw “that” pic on Instagram, I have to say my support for Kim is severely waning …

No doubt that she looks fantastic.  Amazing!  BUT for God’s sake Kim, you are a MOTHER now!  Ok, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a nun but just … you know …. cover up a little!  We can all see that you’ve been working hard to lose the baby weight, that can easily be seen in the way your face has dramatically slimmed down.  You don’t have to show us a practically nude photo to prove it!

I’m actually really disappointed in Kim posing for this.  I totally get the fact she wants to stick two fingers up to all the critics who laughed at her pregnancy weight gain but there’s much classier ways of doing this.


Whow Whee!!!!!

Everyone seems to want to flash the cleavage at the moment!  From Kim Kardashian and Ciara at Paris Fashion Week to Gwyneth Paltrow who has been shooting a Hugo Boss campaign in LA.  Let’s celebrate because the “girls” are definitely on show!!

Kim K …… The low cut is absolutely fine, I have no issue with that, it’s the boobs spilling out on either side as well as more flesh baring cut outs across the stomach which to me is all just far too much.  And I’m sorry Kim, but this outfit just screams cheap to me.  Adding a rich, dark colour to the lips can’t “class up” this bizarre, misshapen and totally unflattering dress!!

Also at Paris Fashion Week …

Ciara’s outfit whilst I don’t love it, does show the girls in a more appropriate and fashion conscious way.  And the same can be said for Gwyneth at her LA shoot for Hugo Boss shoot.

TBH I think the main reason why I find this look so much more appealing on Ciara and indeed Gwyneth is the fact that they have smaller breasts.  I’m sorry but once your cup size goes past the letter D in the alphabet, keep your boobs covered unless you want to be featured on Fashion Police’s “Starlet or Streetwalker” and believe me Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and Georgie Porgie will not be voting for the first option!!

MTV Movie Awards 2013 … The good, the bad and the downright ugly!

This year’s MTV Movie Awards had a mixed bag of fashion styles on the red carpet.  Some celebrities got it bang on but some unfortunately missed by a long mile!!

For the first time in a few months, I’m delighted to say that Kim Kardashian finally got it right in a black ensemble which fitted her pregnancy curves perfectly.  She looks back to her good old self in this outfit!  Selena Gomez also shone in a short, gold beaded dress which harps back to the Charleston era but I have to say I really don’t like her hairstyle .

Hitting a BUM note completely is Keisha.  It looks like she got dressed in the dark!! On what planet would this actually look good?  The answer is none.  Completely unflattering and trashy.  I can’t believe this but I’m also going to pan Kelly Washington’s outfit and I’ve had nothing but glowing reports of her fashion style recently but this unfortunately was a miss.  The main problem for me is the back of the dress.  It looks very homemade in that the yellow part of the skirt looks like it was stitched on as an after thought.  It also adds bulk to her bottom which no woman wants!!  Such a shame as I think this had the potential to be brilliant but the application and execution just wasn’t up to scratch.


Sorry Kim but you just keep getting it wrong!!

She is one of the most read and talked about celebrities of our time.  Kim Kardashian has now hit the 5 months stage of her pregnancy and for some bizarre reason she continues to be confused as how to best dress her changing shape.

I just don’t understand how she or a stylist would think that pouring her into a tan leather dress would look good!!


Not only does this not flatter her shape at all, it looks extremely uncomfortable!  Top this heavy leather fabric with a pair of spanx (sneakily snapped below) and I’m guessing Kim must feel so bulky, awkward and cumbersome on this shopping trip.

I applaud Kim for taking her fashion style so seriously at this stage of her pregnancy and for wearing those heels!!!  But I would advise her to ditch the current stylist who continues to put her in these ridiculous outfits and contact a maternity wear supplier who would do a much better job of dressing her!


Cleverly Concealed?? Are you having a laugh?

According to a fashion journalist this outfit recently worn by Kim Kardashian “cleverly conceals” her baby bump and growing curves.  Are you serious???!!!

This is a hideous choice of outfit for the celebrity mum-to-be.  Her boobs look so saggy and droopy in this top, she needs a much better bra with more support.  The skirt is too high up in the waist and so cuts her body in half and is completely unflattering.  From the side, the skirt has way too much fabric and looks parachute like!  The scraped back high top bun is way too severe.

Honestly, this outfit does not “cleverly conceal” anything!  It’s so horribly BAD!



Spanx – Not just for celebrities and here’s why!

This is a product that crosses spectrums! Ordinary, everyday women can share and have something very relatable in common with red carpet celebrities!

Whether we live in the hills of Hollywood or in Belfast, women want to look the best they possibly can and to make the most of the shape that they have.  Enter Spanx!!  Who doesn’t want the illusion of shaving off a few inches from their waist, hips and bum???  Especially after those mince and pork pies over Christmas.

Ladies, if they’re good enough for Kim K, Jessica Alba and Beyonce to name but a few, then Spanx is good enough for us!!  Some female celebrities seem to defy the laws of nature when we see them grace the red carpet at movie premieres, but just how real is it??  Famous actresses and music stars have said that they even go as far as wearing two and three pairs of spanx at a time!  Now that’s dedication right there.

Remember girls, Spanx not only takes off inches it also smoothes out your body shape and gives you a sleeker line.  This is really important regardless of your size when wearing a long evening/formal dress.  At belle dress hire, I recommend that everyone wears a pair of spanx when they hire a dress from me because of this very reason.  In fact, you will very soon be able to buy a pair of spanx at belle dress hire for an affordable price when hiring at belle dress hire!



Tummy trouble Kim K??


Celebrities are braving the harsh December temperatures by baring their tummies!  We see Diane Kruger effortlessly display this trend in a beautiful ensemble which is both sexy but very feminine at the same time.  Poor Kim K on the other hand sports an absolute disaster of an outfit which does her fabulous curves no justice at all!  Her waist is hanging over the skirt which is just too tight and her choice of lycra, sleeveless top makes her look really busty and not in a good way!  I say Sack the Stylist Kim ASAP!


How NOT to do accessories Kim K!!!!!


I would absolutely LOVE to find a solid gold rolex in my stocking this year ………. somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen. That’s why I was appalled to see Kim K who has totally trashed the look of a stunning watch.  She (or perhaps her stylist) has paired a timeless piece with gaudy bangles, not only one but TWO for God’s sake on either side.  It makes her £30,000 minimum Rolex look cheap and tacky.  If I had this watch, I probably wouldn’t even wear clothes with it in case it took away from its glory!  Well …….. I probably wouldn’t go that far, but I certainly wouldn’t team it with more accessories up to my elbow.  Really disappointed in this dire mistake by Kim K!