Getting it right from behind at the Emmys!!

Following on from my previous post about this year’s red carpet at Downtown L.A’s Nokia Theatre, I wanted to comment on another trend that seemed to be making a scene.  Sheer madness baby!!  Once again, starlets such as Julianne Hough, Homeland’s Claire Danes and indeed Padma Lakshmi all chose to display a little more flesh that usual, but kept things tasteful with the addition of sheer mesh fabric.

Both of these ladies have again decided to pick a very pale hue but have kept the style daring and fashionable because they are flashing a little skin.  Remember ladies, if you are going to copy this look, your skin must be toned and in fab condition.

Although, I applaud Julianne Hough’s braveness to wear a fully sheer skirt I can’t help but admit I find the dress nicer from far away than it is up close, sorry!!!  I really wanted to like this immensely when I first saw the photos but unfortunately the more I look at the dress the more I’m not so keen on it.


Belle Dress Hire again has some beautiful dresses which come with mesh detailing available to hire in sizes 6 and also 8 …





The Side-Shade is back!!

From Kristin Cavallari to Blake Lively to Amanda Seyfried, the fascination and popularity of the signature side-shade hairstyle is back with a vengeance!

This style is perfect if you want to keep your hair down whilst still looking glamorous and sexy.  What’s even better is the fact that it’s extremely easy to do!!  Just a little bit of backcombing at the roots, a pair of tongs, a static free hairbrush and some hairspray and voila!! Such an effortless yet highly sophisticated look which looks even more spectacular with a red lip.

When I look at Fergie, Amber Heard and Julianne Hough rocking this particular hairstyle I can’t help but immediately think how the best looks always come back into fashion.  Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe all wore this hairstyle back in the 40s and 50s. The actual style itself has not changed one bit even if the technique of how to achieve it probably has.  Let’s just take a moment to admire these stunning, iconic women!





Julianne Hough gets it right!!

I recently posted about an outfit which Julianne Hough wore that reminded me of an Irish Dancing costume and was a bad choice in my opinion.  BUT she has completely redeemed herself in this gorgeous, all white ensemble …


Stylish, simple and totally stunning.  The addition of a coloured brooch at the neck is just perfect.  I love her simply styled hair, minimal make up and accessories.  Julianne is a young woman so I’m delighted to see her in something fresh and modern.  The stylist has definitely got it right with this look which can be easily replicated with items from the high street!

Julianne Hough, an Irish Dancer?

I usually post positive things about Julianne Hough’s fashion sense but in this case I can’t really say anything good about this particular outfit …

It may be haute couture but the white collar detail looks like a bib and I absolutely detest the shoes!  This dress actually reminds me of an Irish Dancing costume …… a really bad one!

Serious Fashion Envy!

I am absolutely LOVING Nicole Ritchie and Julianne Hough!

Julianne’s mod dress is such a gorgeous tangerine colour which adds a splash of brightness to this current awful weather.  She makes me feel sunny just looking at her.  So chic and I would love this style for my wardrobe.  Nicole looks fabulous here as well in just a simple, long sleeved, black tee paired with grey, patterned harem pants.  As we all know, the harem trouser adds bulk to your shape so it definitely helps to be as slim as Nicole but she has very cleverly teamed the pant with a dark coloured top which is always more slimming and by tucking the top into the trousers we can see her neat waist.  Clever styling, clever girl.  Have fashion envy!