Barbie pink anyone?

Normally I would say that pink especially on blondes is extremely difficult to pull off but when you’re young, slim and keep accessories to a minimum, a pink dress can look beautiful.

BUT ….Joanna Krupa from the Real Housewives of Miami at a recent event.  Now at 33, she’s no spring chicken but I actually really like this pink dress on her.

Now that hopefully we are coming into the better weather, we can definitely be more daring with our choice of colour, print and fabric.  The key to wearing a brighter print or colour is to ensure that all accessories are kept to an absolute minimum.  I have to say I really don’t like the choice of shoe here with this dress as the closed in toe is too heavy and it cheapens the overall look.

Some might say to me, “Are you losing your mind? This look harps back to the wag era of style” but I’m sorry, I’m actually glad to see a women look “pretty in pink” for a change!  I’ve blogged about mullet wigs, oversized coats etc which have appeared on the fashion runways recently so to see this “barbie-esque” look on Joanna Krupa made me smile!  Sorry but that’s the truth.

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