Is this the bra that will solve all your problems?

Do you have a completely backless dress hanging in the wardrobe like this stunning dark navy, embellished gown available at Belle Dress Hire in Lisburn which you never wear because you haven’t found the right bra to wear with it?


Could InvisiBra be the answer??  Most evening dress styles are either backless, extremely low at the front, cut away at the side of the bust, strapless ……..

…… and this can sometimes make it very difficult to find underwear that’s suitable if you aren’t willing to go commando!!  Also, an important point to make is that going braless is fine if your boobs are perky, if they’re heading south you really do need to give them extra support.

So when I saw the InvisiBra,  I thought Finally!!  Someone has actually cracked it and designed the perfect bra!!!!

The stick-on InvisiBra claims to be a backless, strapless, self-adhesive bra that will lift and enhance cleavage but won’t slip of!  Containing a special glue that regenerates itself every time it is hand washed, the bra apparently can be reused up to 200 times.  Considering the price tag is £48, that’s 24 pence per wear!  Pretty good value for money don’t you think?

Produced in a wide range of colours and fabrics rather than just the boring NUDE, flesh coloured alternatives in the marketplace at the moment, the InvisiBra does seem to have cracked the difficulty in finding underwear suitable for an unusually shaped dress or top. The fact that it also claims to give cleavage as well ……… Is this product just full of hype with a very visual promotional campaign or does it actually live up to all its claims?  Is £48 worth investing in this product?  All I would say is to check your underwear drawer at the very back where there is a bra and “stick-on cups” graveyard and tot up how much you roughly would have spent on all these items that never fitted properly, didn’t work, gave you no shape, washed badly etc and then you can decide whether or not to part with your money!