School formal delight!

I absolutely love dressing some of my younger clientele especially for school formals! It’s fantastic how some schools have now also introduced this event for the lower sixth years as well to enjoy.

I’m not going to lie, it is actually quite difficult to dress a 16 year old for a formal. First of all, a range of fabrics and styles must be ruled out straight away, as they look simply way too aging and mature on young girls. I also try to stay away from black, just because once you hit your thirties your whole wardrobe tends to darken down to blacks, maroons, dark denim, greys, navy’s …… let’s be honest they are ultimately more flattering on the silhouette! So, I always try to encourage the 15-18 year olds to embrace brighter, bolder colour choices when they are still young enough to wear them!

I totally understand that donning a full length evening gown at 16 can be really daunting and overwhelming therefore I would advise bringing your mum or a person who’s opinion you can really trust to your Belle Dress Hire appointment. Mum’s are usually the most honest! And to be fair, they do really know you best and have the wealth of experience to help you to choose the right gown.

Here are some photos of the simply, stunning Victoria, who attended Hunterhouse formal this year.









Doesnt she look absolutely gorgeous???!!! This deep, rich purple is so different and compliments her fair, blonde hair beautifully. You can’t see in these pics, but the dress is backless and encrusted with beads the whole way round. The style was simple and effortless. The result was she looked appropriate for her age, extremely comfortable and enjoyed every moment of her night. I do hope to dress Victoria again at Belle Dress Hire as she was such a delight.

If you have a school formal in 2019, do please contact me at Belle Dress Hire for an appointment.