Sheer Pants!

In advance of the 2014 Oscars ceremony and in honour of all the female Hollywood actresses that will be donning excessive pairs of Spanx at this year’s red carpet, I thought we should do a tribute to knickers.

I know I harp on and on about the importance of the correct underwear especially underneath evening wear but it’s also crucial to ensure your everyday undergarments come up to par as well.  For example wearing the wrong bra size or indeed shape can totally distort your bust under sweaters and t-shirts.  With the wrong cup size you risk giving yourself an extra boob or make the error of going for no underwire and your boobs could look like they are meeting at your waist!

The same goes for pants ladies and I’m talking about all styles – thongs, boy shorts, bikini, brazilian, French knicker, full brief …….. (who would’ve though there were so many types of bloody knickers!!!)  Wear them too small and you create dents at each side of your hip which then leads to that extra bit of let’s say …. “softness” being pushed up and that creates an unsightly bulge.  This ain’t pretty and also is extremely uncomfortable.

Remember most high street stores now offer either a low or high waisted option so be sensible!  If most of your trousers and jeans rest on your hip make sure you go for the low waisted pants, otherwise you’ll be showing your choice of underwear to everyone each time you bend over the trolley at the supermarket.  Otherwise known as the ‘Whale Tail’, here’s its actual definition according to Wikipedia ….

…….. Whale tail is the Y-shaped waistband of a thong or g-string when visible above the waistline of low-rise jeans, shorts, or a skirt that resembles a whale’s tail. Intentionally or unintentionally, a whale tail is exposed above the trousers mostly when sitting or bending, or even while standing. The frequency or occasion depends on the style of trousers, the style of underwear, and the way they are worn ……..

If you saw someone’s underwear showing in Tesco’s, would you tell them??????




Loving Lily!!!!

The absolutely stunning, 24 year old, Lily Collins is just not making the headlines for her acting ability but for her amazing sense of fashion and THOSE eyebrows!!!!

I have never felt so jealous of brows before and feel ashamed that mine have been plucked beyond repair, how I wish I could turn back time…..

Eyebrows are so very important, as they frame our face and can highlight personality and expression.  There have been some disastrous, exaggerated examples of brow shapes by the TOWIE cast in recent years so it’s refreshing to see how Lily has kept her’s so natural and full.  She will be making many women out there regret ever buying eyebrow tweezers as we all know once you start plucking it’s incredibly hard to stop!!

Enough about the brows, let’s move onto Lily’s sense of style which has proven to be innovative, young and extremely diverse.

It of course helps because Lily is very slim and extremely beautiful with raven black hair and a porcelain complexion so everything potentially should look good on her!  However, it seems that Lily is not afraid to experiment with fashion and try completely different looks.  No matter what style she has decided to go for, you’ll see by the evidence below, Lily ALWAYS looks very groomed yet fresh and young and above all, natural.  As a 24 year old girl in Hollywood, a large number of actresses around her age should take note of Lily and the fact that you don’t need to show alot of skin or wear lots of make up to look sexy and make the front pages of the papers and magazines.  I am really looking forward to watching Lily very closely on the red carpet during the rest of 2013 …



Dazzling gowns at Charity Gala Dinner!

Recent front pages have been dominated by Andy Murray’s win at Wimbleton but at the Charity Dinner held by Novak Djokovic, Hollywood starlets claimed the headlines …

Even though it’s Summer outside, who said you can’t wear black!!

I actually have a very similiar tiered outfit available for hire at Belle Dress Hire:-

fridafrida 2









Novak’s girlfriend, Jelena Ristic absolutely wowed at the event in a stunning black and white Oscar de la Renta striped dress.  I just love this style and think it looks so chic, yet modern, young and fresh.

At almost £6000 it’s an expensive investment so make sure to check out similiar looks on the High Street at much more affordable prices!!!  Or make an appointment at Belle to try on this similiar look for just £70 ….

Black and white

One size doesn’t fit all!

The pear body shape is the classic feminine silhouette, with hips, thighs or bum that are bigger than the upper half. Show off a slim top half with fine spaghetti straps or indeed choose a strapless dress. Minimise wide hips with dark block colours and showcase a small waist with a dress that nips in at this area.

A slender, boyish frame means you need to invest in dresses that feminise your figure. Details such as frills, layers and ruffles will add volume to your figure.  Introduce structure and/or padding in the bust area which will give the impression of bigger boobs. Luckily, slender shapes can work all colours are suitable for a small frame so ensure to check out the latest season colour trends.

Old School Hollywood crowned the hourglass figureas the ideal female body shape. Channel Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth who both epitomised Hollywood glamour at its best by choosing a dress which has a full skirt and a top that nips in at the waist which will complete the 50s-inspired look. Use draping to your advantage as it accentuates your curves and can disguise the tummy area.

The apple, generally has a rounded tummy and big bust which can be difficult to dress. Select a dress that sculpts your midriff for example a corseted dress which should help. If you have a good cleavage or great legs Draw attention to them and show them off! Remember to invest in body control underwear which will define your middle area. Draw attention away from the stomach with a dress that has embellishments/beading on the bust area and remember strong block colours such as navy, black or burgundy will work best.

Using these clever tips can ensure that you choose a dress that will showcase your figure at its best.

The Oscars

The Golden Man Awards are over for yet another year and weren’t they simply fabulous!!  I loved the variety of looks this year with some of the younger actresses such as Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams rocking some unusual and contemporary shapes and fabrics.  However, I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t Angelina Jolie’s thigh high split in her black velvet Versace dress or Posh’s rather sour face whilst wearing the most beautifully tailored dress from her latest collection that made the headlines. Instead, it was Sacha Baron Cohen that grabbed the front pages with his ridiculous ash tossing stunt and antics on the red carpet for which he was removed by security. I used to think high profile events such as the Oscars were untouchable and such blatant behaviour to grab the spotlight to promote a film in advance of its release would simply be ignored or not tolerated. However, Sacha’s stunt proved even the most prestigious red carpet, Hollywood bash is suspectible. Sad to say that this year’s Oscars and the main reason why people watch this event … for the glamour and fashion …. was overshadowed.