Henna Eyebrow Tattoo Update

Sorry guys it’s taken longer than expected to finish and publish this blog, but I did promise to show you the progress of my Henna eyebrows!

Ok, sometimes a visual is more powerful than words, so here goes ……

Post Henna Eyebrow after 10 days

Post Henna Eyebrow after 10 days right beside window in broad daylight

Just wanted to quickly remind you all how my brows looked before this treatment…

Original untouched eyebrows

So basically, after ten days I still did not have to fill in or touch my brows which is insane! At day 15 I started to use a tiny bit of fill in shade where the Henna started to fade on my skin but even after 20 days there is still very evident henna dye visible on the hairs so daily maintenance is still minimal.

This treatment would definitely be perfect in advance of a holiday especially if you’re going to the sun. And indeed it’s ideal as an ongoing treatment because it’s inexpensive at £30, has lasting results, saves so much time and effort from your daily make up routine and essentially perfectly frames your face.

I would highly recommend the Henna Eyebrow Tattoo, just be mindful it isn’t permanent and will need some sort of minor maintenance after 2-3 weeks.

Remember to contact the ladies at The Browtique in Belfast.





First Henna Eyebrow Experience!

I usually post about dress trends, new styles available at Belle Dress Hire etc but this time I thought I would share something a bit different and tell you all about my recent personal experience with getting Henna Eyebrows for the first time!

Ok, those of you that know me well appreciate that I grew up during the era of thinly shaped, arched eyebrows! That’s just the way it was, that was the style back then trust me! Oh how I wish I could go back in time and talk to my 15/16 year old self and say, “put the tweezers down!” but alas it is not to be, I just have to make the best of what I have left in the brow department which isn’t much.

Being fair and blonde, my eyebrows are also very light in colour plus because of my age….. not to be disclosed ……. I find that the hairs in the brows simply no longer grow or if they do, I can’t believe I’m saying this…. but they grow in as white hairs, nightmare! See for yourself….

I normally would use a combination of a pencil as well as a thicker crayon type product to fill in my brows as naturally as I possibly can. This has become part of my daily, morning routine and probably takes the most time to do in comparison to any other make up I apply.

I did of course have the microblading treatment a few years when it first came out and thought it would be the answer to my prayers. I loved the results, but unfortunately, I found the procedure really painful as I have sensitive skin especially around my eyes, hence ever since I have been continuing to look for another “pain-free” alternative. I regularly use a home dye kit to at least give my brows a deeper colour and a sense of shape as well as having HD brows every once in a while, usually before a holiday or special event.

I have used ‘The Browtique’ at Conway Mill in Belfast, numerous times for HD Brows and brow tinting through the years and Sinead (the owner) has always done a fabulous job, so I was very curious when she told me just before Christmas 2018, that she was going to introduce a brand new, eyebrow technique using Henna dye that she described as being “a step up from HD Brows but not as permanent as microblading” in the New Year. I of course said, “sign me up!” The thought of not having to touch my brows for 2/3 weeks and then only using a quick minute to fill in a few gaps for another 4 weeks as the dye fades sounded like my idea of heaven.

So here you go, the actual photographic evidence of my new Henna eyebrows……..

So the above photos were taken straight after the Henna was applied. Ok, they are a little intense I must admit when they are first done, but after 48 hours they definitely started to tone down a little and I absolutely LOVE them. The fact that this procedure allows the person doing the technique to form brows that are measured in numerous ways to completely suit your entire face shape, is a game changer. I mean the chin measurement, between the eyes, the forehead, the width of the face ……. and there’s definitely more than that, sorry they are the only ones I can remember right now, but they are all evaluated to create the perfect brow shape before any tinting is applied. At home with a dye kit, I could never hope to mimic the shape that Sinead was able to create using a complicated measuring and layering technique with the Henna.

This photo was taken 48 hours after the Henna and I have a full face of make up on as I was out for the night but please believe me when I say I DID NOT touch my brows! No powder, pomade, sneaky pencil strokes, nothing was put onto my eyebrows…..

The lighting probably wasn’t great in the above photo as it was taken under spotlights in the bathroom, but the below photo is better and shows my brows 72 hours after application with a more natural make up look. Again I didn’t put any make up on my brows at all.

Im sure you will agree the shape is just SO good and compliments my face perfectly. At this stage, the dye has definitely toned down a little and is not as severe.

I believe the Henna Eyebrow is now fully available at The Browtique, so please contact them for more information, they can be easily found on Facebook. I will post an update in another 7 days time so you can see how my brows look. I’m hoping the “suggested” time line of 6 weeks before the treatment is needed again is accurate as it’s definitely something that I would continue to get done.