Prom dresses are BACK

For the last few years, there has been more of an avid interest in dramatic, skin tight, fitted styles with thigh high splits or deep cleavage V-necks when it comes to formal wear.  However, the tide is changing!

There has been a resurgence of pretty, “prom” style dresses on the red carpet this year at The Golden Globes, Oscars and in Cannes.  Both the young and more mature lady are turning to a soft, floaty, chiffon fabric without the harshness of structure or embellishments which can be super flattering on the figure.  Accessories, hairstyle and make up are vitally important when completing this look to ensure you keep everything fresh, understated and fashion forward.

Kaley Cuoco at the 2016 Golden Globes and Miranda Kerr in Cannes, wore their flowing, chiffon gowns immaculately whilst Heidi Klum’s lilac dress was a disaster.

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AMA disasters!

OMG!  It just makes me so CROSS when I see celebrities dressed this badly!  They don’t have to pay for their dresses, all the make up, tan and hair is done by their stylists which takes hours upon hours.  Jewellery, shoes and accessories are all generally free en gratis as well ……….. AND THEY STILL GET IT DISASTROUSLY WRONG.

I saw loads of pics from the AMA’s red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday and am genuinely shocked by the car crash fashion choices made.  I saw just three styles that I quite liked.  And I mean quite liked, they didn’t blow me away by any means but certainly in comparison to the rest of the dog’s dinner outfits beside them, they stood out for the right reasons.

Selena Gomez, kept it simple and classy and fuss free.  Loved her backless, black dress with sleeves which is perfect for this time of year (remember to think how cold it is outside right now).  Effortless, timeless and chic.  Fergie also got it right in another full length, black number with gold accessories.  Again this was age appropriate and flattering.  OK she won’t win any major style awards with this dress but it did fit her beautifully.

However, in comparison to J Lo, Heidi Klum, Zendaya, Rita Ora, Diane Agron ….. the list goes on and on of dress horrors …… you look pretty awesome.  Did they look in the mirror at ALL before leaving the house????

I have to say, my customers at Belle Dress Hire look significantly better in a rented gown with their own tan and make up applied as well as just a 30 minute hair appointment than these multi millionaires!  So disappointing.  If Joan Rivers were still here she’d rip them apart!

Annual Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards ..

Rather than focus this blog on the Fashion Icon Award winner on the night, Rihanna, I thought for once I would give Heidi Klum some brownie points!

Normally, I tend to pan her looks as either cheap looking, age inappropriate or just not fashionable but I have to say I LOVED the beautiful, peach coloured Donna Karan dress on her!

Ok, it’s not the fashion statement of the year BUT any of you heading off on a Summer holiday …. this would be a perfect look for an evening out for dinner and a few drinks.  It looks effortlessly chic, extremely comfortable and if you are bloated/swollen from the heat you don’t need to worry as this style hides it all!  A similar dress can be easily purchased on the High Street in fact I picked one up myself a week ago in House of Fraser in Belfast for about £80.

Like Heidi, keep your accessories to a minimum and hair loose.  Let the floating fabric and colour do all the talking!

I am so copying this look for my week’s holiday in Ibiza this Summer.


Just saw the Golden Globes red carpet ….. Seriously WTF????

OMG, I cannot believe just how disappointed I am in this year’s Golden Globe gowns.

These women can wear anything they want, budget is not an issue, they have bodies to die for …..  And seriously THIS is what they come up with?????  Zoe Saldana, I normally LOVE your style but …. ridiculous.

I’m going to look at a few more really bad ones.  This red carpet seemed to be all about colour which I love because after the bleak winter blues it’s fun to start the year with some fresh colour to reignite the senses …. however, I would say that these dresses were colour clashes gone horribly wrong!  Should have stuck to black Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Laurence, Amy Adams ….. And honestly Reese Witherspoon, is that the most imaginative style your team could come up with????

And whilst we’re on the subject of colour, when you have your own personal GLAM SQUAD that spend probably about 6-8 hours doing your hair and make up for an event such as this, wouldn’t you make sure that it looks like you have lips in photos????!!!!!!  A nude lip might be nice up close but in photos, both Heidi Klum and Naomi Watts look totally washed out.  That’s a tip for all you girls attending school formals soon, make sure to add a touch of colour to the lips for photos, it really makes a huge difference!  Especially if you have blonde hair and pale skin like Naomi …

I’m going to start trawling through more photos at the Golden Globes to TRY and find some Hollywood stars that actually looked decent on the red carpet yesterday.  WARNING: this may take a while.

BEST 2013 Celeb Halloween costumes!

I have to hand it to them, celebrities near and far went to alot of effort for Halloween this year!

There were some awesomely sexy garbs donned by X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger and pin up icon, Carmen Electra! Whilst some chose a tamer get up altogether like Rita Ora and Beyonce who to be honest looks like she didn’t make much of a ghoulish effort during her concert tour of Australia

And then we have those who really went the extra mile!  Kelly Osbourne, Jenny McCarthy as Miley Cyrus’s tongue (hilarious!!) and last but not least Heidi Klum, as an elderly pensioner we salute you!!!!  Fantastic commitment to Halloween fun!!

But without a doubt, the hands down winner of this year’s BEST celeb Halloween costume has to go to the Honey Boo Boo Thompson Family who this year dressed up as the Kardashian/Jenner clan.



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Heidi sported a fabulous white gown at this year’s Golden Globes.  She has certainly had a mixed bag of fashion triumphs and faux pas over recent months but I’m happy to report that this dress is definitely a success!

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2013 Oscar Horrors!!

Heidi Klum, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????  This is so totally inappropriate!!!  I don’t believe Heidi wore this dress on the red carpet but she did don the gown to Elton John’s annual Oscar party.  Not only is the dress far too revealing, not being harsh, but she’s far too busty and old to wear a neckline like this but what was her hairstylist doing???!!!  This hairstyle looks like it belongs in a Dynasty story line.

I understand that Heidi is going through divorce proceedings and this is bound to take its toll, but she has lost an awful lot of weight which means she looks like a lollipop and again this just looks awful.  Between the scary skinny frame, the bad hair and eye popping cleavage, Heidi gets the ultimate thumbs down for this look.  She has to sack her stylist!!!

Mimic Heidi Klum in white and gold dress available at belle dress hire …


Poor Heidi Klum, she’s gone through a divorce and her ex husband Seal has been very public about the spilt.  Heidi seems to have taken a much more private and gracious approach about the whole thing as she doesn’t want the divorce to hurt her children any more than necessary.  So rather than slink into the shadows, Heidi gets herself a new man and dresses like this at the Golden Globes!!!  Her tan skin sets off this ivory white dress perfectly.  The gold tones in the beading at the neck bring warmth to the style.  The one shoulder balances the quite high side split so as to ensure that Heidi is not exposing too much skin and the dress remains tasteful.

Check out this wonderful winter white, one shoulder dress with gold beading available in sizes 8, 10 and 12 at belle dress hire!  Just team this style with some tan skin and soft waves in your hair and you’ll be feeling and looking just like Heidi!