You Gotta LOVE Tina!

So, it’s your wedding day and you’re 73 years of age ………… what the hell do you wear??

I give you the awesome Tina Turner who recently got hitched in Switzerland ….

Now this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but let’s be honest, at Tina’s age she couldn’t have rocked a dainty Vera Wang down the aisle now could she!  She’s a legend and so the dress had to be legendary and this green and black silk Armani hit the mark.  I’m not too sure about the sequin leggings poking out at the bottom but I have to admit Tina made a fashion yet age appropriate statement with this wedding gown and looks beautiful.  Take note ladies, you don’t have to go with an ivory, strapless, A-line gown for your big day.  Whilst you may not want to go as far as Tina has done, you might get inspiration from some of the other fabulous, iconic and unusual wedding dresses worn by stars such as Gwen Stefani and Anne Hathaway.




A little gem ….

I read about a website lately, in a magazine and thought I would check it out.

I LOVE hats, always have done and I thought this site’s embellished baseball caps were really cool.  There’s no doubt that you could try and copy these looks yourself but by the time you buy fabric, jewels etc it may not be worthwhile moneywise as these caps start from just £15!!!

The likes of Rihanna and some other celebs such as Gwen Stefani have rocked baseball caps recently with a casual denim look and I think it looks great!