Welcome Back Sandra!!!

I have always liked Sandra Bullock!!  To me she seemed one of the more down to earth and friendly Hollywood actresses plus I did enjoy most of her movies as well.  I didn’t really love her fashion to be honest, some of her choices have been a hit or a miss I think over the years but I did always think that she came across in a very genuine way.

After finding out that her now ex husband, Jesse James was cheating all over the place and adopting a gorgeous little boy called Louis, it seemed as if Sandra had shunned the limelight for the past couple of years.  We haven’t seen her in any blockbusters of late, in fact the last time I remember seeing her on the red carpet was at the 2010 Oscars when she won the coveted Best Actress accolade and literally just a few days later, Jesse’s infidelity hit the headlines.  So I was delighted to see Sandra at this year’s opening of the Venice Film Festival to promote new movie with George Clooney, Gravity ….

So refreshing to actually see a movie star smiling in photos!  Honestly, the red carpet bunch usually look so gloomy and sullen with their pouts so it was great to see a real flash of teeth!!  This dress is great fun, colourful and fits Sandra perfectly showing off the best assets of her figure.  Sandra turned 49 in 2013 folks!  Doesn’t she look fantastic!!!  Hoping this is the start of Sandra coming back to the spotlight again as I’ve missed her!