Prom dresses are BACK

For the last few years, there has been more of an avid interest in dramatic, skin tight, fitted styles with thigh high splits or deep cleavage V-necks when it comes to formal wear.  However, the tide is changing!

There has been a resurgence of pretty, “prom” style dresses on the red carpet this year at The Golden Globes, Oscars and in Cannes.  Both the young and more mature lady are turning to a soft, floaty, chiffon fabric without the harshness of structure or embellishments which can be super flattering on the figure.  Accessories, hairstyle and make up are vitally important when completing this look to ensure you keep everything fresh, understated and fashion forward.

Kaley Cuoco at the 2016 Golden Globes and Miranda Kerr in Cannes, wore their flowing, chiffon gowns immaculately whilst Heidi Klum’s lilac dress was a disaster.

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Thank you ladies, for doing it right!

Even though the lack of style at this year’s Golden Globes was severely depressing …. the fact that just a few women were able to actually wear a fabulous dress for the occasion just about makes up for it.

I LOVED the Gucci dress on Margot Robbie.  I wasn’t overly aware of this Australian actress, but I understand that she acted in the soap Neighbours, before landing a role in Pan Am in 2011 and most recently acting opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

What can I say.  I love everything about this dress.  I love the colour, the detail, the cut, how stylish it looks …. and just adore the pop of colour in the emerald green shoes!  How clever and subtle.

I also think the fabulous Sophia Vergara who usually wears a very figure hugging style gets it bang on with her beautiful Zac Posen, full skirted dress.  The reason why this looks so good is that the dress is cinched really tight at the waist to show off Sophia’s “smallest part” of her body, plus the strapless nature of the bust means she can display her “famous attributes” but the final style magic here is the gorgeous turquoise necklace.  This spot of rich colour at the neck brings the whole look together.  Even though the style of the dress is quite old fashioned, it’s brought a modern twist and edge because of the accessories.  Very clever styling by Sophia’s team and she looks amazing!!!

Who would’ve thought that a 68 year old woman would beat all the young starlets in terms of glamour and style at the 2014 Golden Globes????  No idea who I’m talking about???

I give you …….. Helen Mirren in Jenny Packham.  Timeless elegance, a style that is effortless and not forced, a dress that fits properly and the colour suits the skin tone of the wearer.  No more needs to be said.


Jesus Wept Emma Watson!!!

Listen, I’m all for a modern twist, new fashion trends translated from the runways to high street etc but black leggings paired with a Christian Dior gown at the Golden Globes red carpet??? I’m sorry, this just doesn’t work for me.  In fact it’s such a ridiculous notion that I had to double check this actually really happened …. and to my dismay …. yep it was real.

From the front it actually doesn’t look that bad.  In fact it looks like a cool, simple dress in a scarlet red which is beautiful on Emma.  Yeah, you’d be thinking, Mmmm not much effort made there but you know she looks young, fresh and free not stuffy and uncomfortable like some of the stars clad in sequin.  BUT then tragedy strikes.

Yes people, black, cropped trousers  which actually look more like leggings and then blue, yes you heard me right, I said BLUE shoes.

And it doesn’t just end there ….. the look is finished with one ear ring.

Don’t get me wrong, at a different event, this look would have been so cool and unique.  I would have looked at it in a completely different way.  But, I’m sorry, the Golden Globes are usually a showcase and big red carpet event to prelude the Oscars.  This was NOT the occasion to wear this.  Case of great dress, wrong event.






Just saw the Golden Globes red carpet ….. Seriously WTF????

OMG, I cannot believe just how disappointed I am in this year’s Golden Globe gowns.

These women can wear anything they want, budget is not an issue, they have bodies to die for …..  And seriously THIS is what they come up with?????  Zoe Saldana, I normally LOVE your style but …. ridiculous.

I’m going to look at a few more really bad ones.  This red carpet seemed to be all about colour which I love because after the bleak winter blues it’s fun to start the year with some fresh colour to reignite the senses …. however, I would say that these dresses were colour clashes gone horribly wrong!  Should have stuck to black Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Laurence, Amy Adams ….. And honestly Reese Witherspoon, is that the most imaginative style your team could come up with????

And whilst we’re on the subject of colour, when you have your own personal GLAM SQUAD that spend probably about 6-8 hours doing your hair and make up for an event such as this, wouldn’t you make sure that it looks like you have lips in photos????!!!!!!  A nude lip might be nice up close but in photos, both Heidi Klum and Naomi Watts look totally washed out.  That’s a tip for all you girls attending school formals soon, make sure to add a touch of colour to the lips for photos, it really makes a huge difference!  Especially if you have blonde hair and pale skin like Naomi …

I’m going to start trawling through more photos at the Golden Globes to TRY and find some Hollywood stars that actually looked decent on the red carpet yesterday.  WARNING: this may take a while.

Best Red Carpet Dresses of all time ….

I decided to go back in time for this blog post as there has been so many iconic dresses which appeared on the red carpet over the years.  Remember “that” Halle Berry Oscar dress for example ….

Who could forget the unforgettable Nicole Kidman “yucky yellow” dress which shouldn’t have worked (especially as it’s satin which I personally hate!) but it so did!  Or the backless Hiliary Swank navy blue dream dress as well the funky pairing of purple with turquoise jewelry in which Cameron Diaz dazzled.

And there’s always the personal favourites ….  I just loved Angelina Jolie’s cream with red one shoulder number and her amazing emerald green sequin dresses which she wore at separate Golden Globe Award ceremonies.  Sheer elegance!

You may also have forgotten the beautiful grecian style dress which Jennifer Lopez wore a few years ago to the Oscars, just beautiful …


There has been gorgeous dresses on the red carpet this year but I thought we should reflect and pay tribute to styles from a few years back so we could bask in their glory!!

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Heidi sported a fabulous white gown at this year’s Golden Globes.  She has certainly had a mixed bag of fashion triumphs and faux pas over recent months but I’m happy to report that this dress is definitely a success!

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Jennifer Lopez just keeps getting better and better …

She’s always been sexy “Jen from the block”, but recent outfits at events prove that Jennifer Lopez is getting better with age!!  I think Jennifer now knows exactly what shape and style suits her best so she keeps churning out stylish outfit after outfit.  I absolutely LOVE her dress from the Golden Globes.  It’s sexy yet elegant.  By keeping hair and make up very simple, it’s all about the amazing dress.  I just hope I can look this good at her age and after having 2 children!!


Mimic Heidi Klum in white and gold dress available at belle dress hire …


Poor Heidi Klum, she’s gone through a divorce and her ex husband Seal has been very public about the spilt.  Heidi seems to have taken a much more private and gracious approach about the whole thing as she doesn’t want the divorce to hurt her children any more than necessary.  So rather than slink into the shadows, Heidi gets herself a new man and dresses like this at the Golden Globes!!!  Her tan skin sets off this ivory white dress perfectly.  The gold tones in the beading at the neck bring warmth to the style.  The one shoulder balances the quite high side split so as to ensure that Heidi is not exposing too much skin and the dress remains tasteful.

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Hire similiar style dress as Michelle Dockery wore to Golden Globes!

I decided to focus on the fabulous Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey who recently attended the Golden Globe Awards simply because I have a very similiar style available to hire at belle dress hire.

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