Long time no see, Prince!

I’ve been told by the many, avid male readers of my blog, that although Belle Dress Hire doesn’t offer dress hire to men currently, I should post more about the male gender and not focus on lovely ladies all of the time so here we go!!

Born Prince Rogers Nelson on 7, 1958, he has amazed us during his illustrious career as a singer producing 10 platinum albums and always being a fashion icon.

We haven’t seen much of Prince in the press as of late so I was delighted to see recent photos emerge of his appearance in Stockholm, Sweden at the weekend.  And he didn’t disappoint in his choice of style either!  At a tiny 5ft 2in tall, it’s no surprise that Prince needs a few extra inches when it comes to height so you should check out his satin, white, wooden high heeled shoes!!  You would think, only Prince could possibly pull these off, right???  The idea of these boots would look ridiculous on anyone else surely???  Well the answer would be NO because “Man Heels” are extremely popular at the moment!   Long term lover of “built in heels” Tom Cruise, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Marc Jacob, Robert Downey Jr ……. the list goes on!





Lindsay Lohan … should we feel sympathetic?

After finally completing a proper stint in rehab, Lindsay was put on the spot, no I don’t mean her polka dot spotty shoes in this instance but she was faced with some very hard hitting questions in an interview with Oprah this week.

I haven’t seen the interview myself but when I looked at the photos the TV channel has released, a few things struck me as very poignant.  On a humorous note, why the hell can Lindsay not find a supportive bra??  Her boobs look like they are sagging to her stomach!  I know she has a large bust, but there is no excuse for them looking like the breasts of an elderly pensioner.  This is not flattering at all and I just don’t know why she continues to wear such bad underwear.

But on a more serious note,  sadness was in her eyes. Please try not to focus on the obviously plumped up trout pout but look deep into her eyes.  She looks like a lost child.  I know she’s an actress but no one can “act” this type of emotion into their eyes …..

After repeated headlines, brushes with the law, theft, car crash photos of her stumbling out of clubs etc, I began to lose all empathy for Lindsay.  To me, she kept hitting the self destruct button and yet there is a small part of me that really wishes this troubled, young woman can make a comeback.

Would you shave your head???

It’s seems to be the “in thing” at the moment.  Jesse J seems to have reignited the trend for bald heads after shaving off hair for this year’s Comic Relief.  Rather than grow the hair back, Jesse seems to have been liberated by this new style and is no hurry to change it …

I have to say I didn’t immediately love the look on her, although her facial features do lend themselves extremely well to having cropped hair.  However, I saw that she has dyed her “hair stubble” a platinum blonde and I really do much prefer this look!

Another celebrity who has embraced the shaved head and rocked this look from before Jesse J tried it is Amber Rose.  As Amber has slightly rounder features, I feel this look is much softer on her and is more complimentary.  The fact that she has always dyed her head a really bright, white blonde again looks great especially with her complexion.

However, these young starlets are not the first to have tried out this look!  Do you remember Sinead O’Connor?  One of the first celebrities I can remember on Top of the Pops with her number one hit, Nothing Compares To You complete with a shaved head.  I also remember that everyone thought she look absolutely stunning!  And then you have the many Hollywood actresses who have had to shave their heads for a role, now that’s dedication for you.

The most recent star to have been given up their tresses for an acting role is Karen Gillan from the Doctor Who series.   I couldn’t help but cry inside that her beautiful, usual red hair had been shorn to the root.  Stunning, natural red hair is so unique and hard to come by these days so I really feel bad for poor Karen who doesn’t really even suit this style.  However, I suppose we can all rest easy.  At the end of the day it’s just hair.  It doesn’t define us as a person and Karen’s very lucky, in her case it will grow back!!



Even a broken arm won’t stop a fashion statement being made!

I am amazed that celebrities and famous Hollywood starlets continue to surprise me as to the lengths they will strive to make headlines and to always live us to the “celeb” hype we all know.

Let’s look at Mariah Carey first.  Mostly known for and associated with diva behaviour and demands, she is also a mother of two children and a fantastically talented singer.  So when she dislocated her shoulder recently, rather than ruin her fabulous stage costumes and disappoint her adoring fans who love her fashion, she decided to co-ordinate her shoulder sling with every outfit.  So you’ll see a bejeweled/crystal sling, then a fully feathered version and last but not least a snow white plume effect sling.  This demonstrates that Mariah is fully committed to fashion and to the look she portrays to the media as well as her fans.

I firstly thought that only someone like Mariah would go to these levels to “tart” up a medical sling but then I discovered there actually has been quite a few other celebrities who have done this in the past!  Yes I’m talking to you Anne Hathaway, Diane Von Furstenberg and even Grace Kelly!!!!



The Side-Shade is back!!

From Kristin Cavallari to Blake Lively to Amanda Seyfried, the fascination and popularity of the signature side-shade hairstyle is back with a vengeance!

This style is perfect if you want to keep your hair down whilst still looking glamorous and sexy.  What’s even better is the fact that it’s extremely easy to do!!  Just a little bit of backcombing at the roots, a pair of tongs, a static free hairbrush and some hairspray and voila!! Such an effortless yet highly sophisticated look which looks even more spectacular with a red lip.

When I look at Fergie, Amber Heard and Julianne Hough rocking this particular hairstyle I can’t help but immediately think how the best looks always come back into fashion.  Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe all wore this hairstyle back in the 40s and 50s. The actual style itself has not changed one bit even if the technique of how to achieve it probably has.  Let’s just take a moment to admire these stunning, iconic women!





Is this the bra that will solve all your problems?

Do you have a completely backless dress hanging in the wardrobe like this stunning dark navy, embellished gown available at Belle Dress Hire in Lisburn which you never wear because you haven’t found the right bra to wear with it?


Could InvisiBra be the answer??  Most evening dress styles are either backless, extremely low at the front, cut away at the side of the bust, strapless ……..

…… and this can sometimes make it very difficult to find underwear that’s suitable if you aren’t willing to go commando!!  Also, an important point to make is that going braless is fine if your boobs are perky, if they’re heading south you really do need to give them extra support.

So when I saw the InvisiBra,  I thought Finally!!  Someone has actually cracked it and designed the perfect bra!!!!

The stick-on InvisiBra claims to be a backless, strapless, self-adhesive bra that will lift and enhance cleavage but won’t slip of!  Containing a special glue that regenerates itself every time it is hand washed, the bra apparently can be reused up to 200 times.  Considering the price tag is £48, that’s 24 pence per wear!  Pretty good value for money don’t you think?

Produced in a wide range of colours and fabrics rather than just the boring NUDE, flesh coloured alternatives in the marketplace at the moment, the InvisiBra does seem to have cracked the difficulty in finding underwear suitable for an unusually shaped dress or top. The fact that it also claims to give cleavage as well ……… Is this product just full of hype with a very visual promotional campaign or does it actually live up to all its claims?  Is £48 worth investing in this product?  All I would say is to check your underwear drawer at the very back where there is a bra and “stick-on cups” graveyard and tot up how much you roughly would have spent on all these items that never fitted properly, didn’t work, gave you no shape, washed badly etc and then you can decide whether or not to part with your money!


“Someone has just walked in … in the same dress as you!”

It’s every woman’s nightmare.  After hunting to find the perfect dress and accessories someone walks into the event 5 minutes after you in exactly the same outfit.  Disaster!!! That’s why I always suggest that Belle Dress Hire customers try to customise their evening looks by adding a piece of vintage, family jewelry which no one else would ever have.  Or dig out a shawl or fur wrap which an old aunt left for you in their will, dust the mothballs off and again you’ll have something unique.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard we try, this situation is at times simply unavoidable.

A friend of mine, recently attended a wedding in a random separate top, belt and skirt which she pulled together into an outfit.  No chance of someone turning up in the same thing, right???  WRONG!  Would you believe that another wedding guest had the exact same top and shoes on but a different skirt and belt yet in the same colours in an extremely similar style.  My friend found the whole thing amusing as there was simply nothing she could do, however, the other guest was not very happy at all and went home to change after the wedding ceremony.

Another situation which may occur is someone posts a photo on Facebook in the same dress/outfit that you posted yourself in a few months previous.  Not only does this girl look better in the dress than you, she got 50% more likes and comments than you did!!  This is something celebrities have to endure on a regular basis.  Take this example, Britney Spears wearing a royal blue Herve Leger dress and Beyonce wearing practically an identical dress (although they aren’t the same designer).

Even though the dresses are from two completely different designers they look exactly the same.  So….. “Who wore it better?”  For me, I think both choices of footwear are awful!!!!  But I like Britney’s more natural, tousled hairstyle than Beyonce’s.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you prepare and plan in advance there may just be one occasion where another girl turns up in either the same outfit or something extremely similar.  So how do you react?  Either you have a hissy fit which makes you look ridiculous and petty OR you simply go up to the girl, have a good giggle and get a photo taken together.  Remember the scene with Miley Cyrus from Sex In The City ……



Would you wear your underwear on a night out??

Lingerie inspired clothing has hit the catwalk and so will be launching into the high streets in a big way over the next few weeks.

From bralets to camisoles to nighties, lacy see through clothing has been on the runway shows of big designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabana as well as Jean Paul Gaultier.  We even saw Victoria Beckham don a lingerie style dress at this year’s Wimbleton final to the Royal Box.

Now some thought her dress was inappropriate for the occasion and indeed the Royal Box but I think the fact that the body of the dress was in a heavy fabric with just a touch of lace detail at the bust that she got away with it.  Do I love the dress?  The answer would have to be no.  I think it’s too young for her and also she’s bound to have had much nicer things in her wardrobe to wear than that!  It actually reminded me of her less fashionable Spice Girl days when her look I have to admit was “cheap chic” …

Things to bear in mind if you want to wear this latest craze of wearing your underwear on the outside for a night out is to actually avoid this trend completely if you are heavy busted.  It will just end up looking cheap and will attract the wrong attention.  Also, if the fabric is satin or synthetic based it will cling to your body!  Satin usually picks up static electricity so it will not be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear and will show off every lump and bump that you have!

If you want to test out this latest trend, go easy and perhaps try a silky camisole in the first instance and team with classy, black pencil trousers and lots of pearls for a sexy, yet polished and sophisticated look.  Think SJP in Sex In The City ….


Optical Illusion Dress at Belle Dress Hire …

If anyone wants to look like they have lost a few pounds, the ideal evening dress to wear is a black and white “optical illusion” gown.

Black and white dresses have been really popular on the red carpet because they look so flattering, stylish and chic.  I am delighted to launch this fabulous new dress which is available to hire in a size 10 at Belle Dress Hire with a matching wrap for around the shoulders.  The position of the white panels at the waist means that it instantly looks smaller hence the optical illusion idea. This dress has a low scooped back therefore looking fabulous from the back as well as the front!  I am so excited for someone to come and try this on!!


New shorter length dresses now available at Belle Dress Hire!

Any ladies who have come to visit Belle Dress Hire in the past will know that I have previously specialised in full length evening and formal dresses.

However, I have decided to bring in just a few shorter length styles in case you have been invited to a cocktail event at the Culloden Hotel, Holywood, the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast or the Europa Hotel in Belfast to name but a few of our excellent venues across N Ireland.

I tell all my customers that if your invitation says “Black Tie” that means a full length dress to the floor.  If however, your invite states “cocktail” attire, you can also wear a dress to the knee.

So let’s have a look at these new additions to the Belle Dress Hire Collection!  I’m so excited to let you ladies have a first glimpse at these gorgeous and unique styles that have come from London ….

Gold Short Size 6Valencia Red Size 8