Black & White at its best …

Belle Dress Hire customer, Siobhan from the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast needed a dress for a corporate golf event she was attending in Killarney.

Siobhan is an excellent customer of mine, so I’ve gotten to know over time what she likes in terms of style, shape, colour etc which makes the appointments even more enjoyable and stress free for Siobhan.

Yes the event took place in Killarney which is quite a drive away from Lisburn!  But as a trusted customer, there was no issue with Siobhan taking the dress a couple of days in advance and returning to Belle a few days later.  I always try to be as flexible as I possibly can with customers in terms of when they can pick up and return dresses.  So if you have an event taking place outside of Northern Ireland please be assured that Belle Dress Hire can accommodate you.

The fact that this was a corporate, sporting event made the dress choice a little more difficult than normal.  We had to bear in mind that the dress needed to be comfortable, non revealing and a wrinkle free fabric for travelling purposes in the car.

Siobhan Golf

This black and white illusion dress (see left of photo) was the perfect choice for this event.  And I have to say Siobhan wore it beautifully!  You can’t see the full dress unfortunately in this photo but there is a low back detail and also the gown flares out in a trumpet shape towards the bottom.  This shape coupled with the black and white panels gives the wearer an amazing hour glass figure and makes you look very small in all the right places!  This dress is available at Belle Dress Hire in a size 10.


Fabulous Belle Customers keep coming back!

Both Gemma Bell, Diageo NI and Siobhan O’Sullivan, Fitzwilliam Hotel have been coming to Belle Dress Hire for dresses as they attend numerous black tie events throughout the year.  They always find something different to wear each time and both ladies decided to go for colour considering the weather was so good at the weekend.


Siobhan looks absolutely stunning in a deep “Cadbury” purple gown with diamante detail across the neckline and at the hip whilst Gemma rocks in vibrant red with a beaded bust and mermaid shaped silhouette.

siobhan 5siobhan 6







It’s always easy to go with black or a dark colour but do try and experiment with a brighter colour if you can!  If you decide to wear a coloured dress, make sure the style is a full colour block so as to ensure a more slimming effect.

I always look forward to Gemma and Siobhan’s appointments as they are willing to try on anything and are willing to take advice.  When trying on evening dresses, keep your mind open and try all different styles and colous on as you might surprise yourself in what actually suits your body!

Brown as an alternative to black????

When you suggest the colour brown to alot of people they aren’t fussed.  So I want to change that mindset if I can ….. just have a look at how flattering and rich a mink/brown colour can look on the skin (see left of photo)!


Belle customer, Siobhan, Director of Sales & Marketing at the fabulous Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast, was looking for a dress which fitted her shape perfectly.  That’s really the most important thing to think about when choosing a dress, it needs to highlight all of your best assets and disguise the parts that you’re not so keen on.  Siobhan needed the dress to be really comfortable and also modest as this was a work related event which she was attending therefore this simple style was perfect!  See Siobhan on far right of photo …

Siobhan 2

Siobhan has absolutely gorgeous auburn hair and so the mink hue of this dress was so complimentary to her skin tone.  Although, I know Siobhan won’t mind when I say that she did add a little fake tan to really bring out the warmth of the dress.  Siobhan kept the overall look really fresh with a modern up-do,elongating the neck and really showing off those wonderful collarbones!