Black is Best at the Baftas …

I know the Brits were much more recent, but I just refuse to post about this event as I find it total cringe TV.  All I will say is that I loved Rita Ora’s canary yellow dress and leave it at that.

Anyway, onto bigger and better things, such as …… the Baftas!  I know I have commented a number of times in January that classic black seemed a very popular choice for celebs and I have to say the trend is continuing if we look at Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Helen Mirren and Amy Adams ..

I think these ladies look absolutely stunning!  I LOVE all of their looks.  I’m sorry but there is no getting away from the fact that BLACK IS THEE MOST FLATTERING COLOUR ON THE FIGURE.  Yes it can be harsh on the skin which is why I also recommend navy to my customers at Belle Dress Hire, but if the fit is perfect, black will make you look slimmer than any other colour.  Besides it looks AMAZING with a strong red lip so that can be your colour comfort.

However, those on the red carpet of the Baftas that decided to go with a colour, really did make an impact!  Some in a good way, others were I’m sorry to say, a total disaster!

Looking at the positive …… Lupita Nyong’o continues to make fashion statements in a stunning shade of emerald green which complimented her skin tone to absolute perfection.

And I just have to put a mention in for Oprah Winfrey who looked fabulous in a rich plum coloured dress which really suited her shape.  She is dressing SO well at the moment, go Oprah!

Then the negative, or should I say TRAGIC!  Fearne Cotton, Lily Allen and Claudia Winkleman WTF were you thinking???????????????  This goes beyond making bad fashion choices, their looks can only be branded as ridiculous.

By the way, just a word of advice for you Claudia, if you make a total arse of yourself in front of the world’s media on the red carpet with streaky black liner, TRY TO LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.  We kind of felt sorry for you the first time, but now, I’m sorry I’m just going to be harsh, we pity you.





NTA’s – The Verdict

I have to say I was actually pleasantly surprised at the level of high fashion at this year’s National Television Awards.  Normally I think it’s car crash TV with a red carpet BUT I honestly believe everyone kicked it up a notch in 2014.

There seemed to be a focus on either Sequin, Revealing or Nude coloured styles so let’s look at the glitzy gals firstly …

Newly divorced Kym Marsh was in top to toe black sequin.  I think because she’s very covered up due to the long sleeves and a lack of accessories to break the look up makes this style a little flat.  She should have added some colour in her handbag or her shoes.  Remember Margo Robbie teamed emerald green shoes with a cream gown at the Golden Globes and looked amazing?

Coupled with Kym’s very dark hair, this all looks a little Mortica Adams to me.

If you are wanting to go for a full length sequin gown, be bold and go for a colour, a pattern OR even half fabric/half sequin!  This will make a huge difference in photos and as long as the sequin is of a high quality it’s actually very flattering on the figure and hides lumps and bumps!!  Check out these stunning sequin gowns available at Belle Dress Hire ..

Siobhan Four Seasons2059-bi-01.27(1)6936(1)

Nude/cream/champagne I have always said are extremely difficult colours to wear in long dresses unless you have a very strong hair colour and bold makeup.  Naomi Campbell, Amy Willerton, Jessica Wright and Fearne Cotton show us how to make these normally “bland” colours exciting.

Ahoy cleavage, thighs and lots of skin!  Some of the ladies were very brave with their dress choices, yes I’m talking to you Jennifer Metcalfe and Kelly Brook!  Hey if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

If you are keen to bare a tad more flesh, check out these more daring styles at Belle Dress Hire …

6767-bi-01.27(1)AVAILABLE IN REDMegan 2