Sorry for being quiet ….

… as I may have been silent on the blog side of things but have been a busy bee with customers at Belle the last few weeks.

Also, I’m just being honest here, but I have not been inspired by any celebrity fashion choices out there either.  Kim K just keeps spilling out of outfits and even the Hollywood red carpet has been really lack lustre.  What is going on??  Plus I’m really missing my Fashion Police updates (RIP Joan).

Even Cheryl and Mel have been very disappointing on X Factor.  Nothing has stood out to me or blown me away at all.  They’ve looked “well” and “nice” but not amazing.  Come On Ladies, get it together!  You both have TEAMS of people getting you ready each week, at least make it look like you made a proper effort!

On a happier note, I have some stunning new dresses available for hire at Belle Dress Hire, just take a sneak peek at these beauties ….

photo 2photo 5









Above is a gorgeous black, vintage style dress with mesh and lace detailing.  Simple but classic and elegant.  Perfect if paired with pillarbox red or Berry nails and lipstick.

Next we have a beautiful, rich, navy blue dress with a complete see through mesh back with jewelled beading.   This is a heavy jersey fabric so won’t wrinkle and hangs extremely well.



35447-bi-01.27This turquoise stunner is the most gorgeous shape on!!!  The jewelled neckline and very low, open back will ensure you stand out in the crowd.  Or what about this very unusual strapless dress below available in gold and also wine which comes with a matching wrap for around the shoulders.  Actually a perfect dress for a Christmas wedding or special occasion ….


Just a few sample pics of new styles available but there are plenty more so book early to avoid disappointment if you have an important event coming up.

WOW!! Check out Anne Hathaway!!

My God, what a transformation!!  Anne Hathaway has been criticised for her “boring” fashion choices of late.  She also has been absolutely annihilated on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as the US press for her “over the top” speeches and antics which has not gone down favourably with the general public.  In fact, people have said some really cruel things about Anne and apparently she had taken them very much to heart and found it difficult to cope or understand the barrage of hatred towards her.

So ……. did she have a total rethink about her image and how she is portrayed when she chose this daring, sheer, black dress at the Met Gala and fabulous platinum hair????  She looks absolutely amazing and surely should get collective praise from the fashion crown for her outfit!  Come on Joan Rivers and hosts at Fashion Police …. you have to say something nice!


The Saturdays on Fashion Police …

Even though it is freezing cold and miserable in Belfast today, I got a little warmth in my heart when I saw Joan Rivers interview The Saturdays on Fashion Police.  The girls came across so down to earth and unaffected.  Very different to the stereo typical American pop star.  I also loved the fact that they weren’t “matchy matchy” in their outfits unlike many girl bands out there.  They all seemed to have an individual and effortless “not trying too hard” style which was definitely helped by a California tan!  It may be a little too early to slap on a full body tan but a little “healthy glow” with your polo neck jumper will help!

Jessica Alba: Get a similiar look at belle dress hire …

Jessica Alba wore a stunning dress to the first baby2baby gala in California in early November. Even though parts of America have considerably warmer weather than us, she rocked a beautiful short sleeve, tulle gown. I had to agree with Joan Rivers and the gang on Fashion Police that the dress did need shortened at the bottom but apart from that, this dress is simply gorgeous!

belle dress hire has a fabulous tulle capped sleeve dress available for hire. Although the style of this dress is completely different in terms of the fabric and shape, the top of the dress is exactly the same as Jessica’s. It’s probably hard to see in this photo, but the top of this dress is completely made from nude/gold tulle, with a short sleeve. So elegant, so chic and definitely red carpet worthy ….

It’s all about Cat Deeley ….

Cat was a guest on the panel of this week’s Fashion Police.  Have to say, the girl suits living in the US!  She looks so fresh and for being a blonde, her hair is so glossy and shiny.  Would love to know what she uses!!

But it’s not just the hair, her skin is glowing and she has such a natural laid back approach when it comes to fashion.  I believe she fully supports the high street and likes mixing designer pieces with simple t-shirts and trousers which can picked up at H&M, Topshop and Zara.

‘My first thing I do is go and hoover around Topshop’ explains Cat, I really miss it, I’m a total high street girl. I like to mix it all up, bit of designer and high street, French Connection and Monsoon, and no one does high street as good as here.’

She also doesn’t hire a stylist!  Now that really is going against the grain in America.  All celebrities these days (apart from Britney that is) have stylists on board with them so it’s refreshing that Cat is confident in her own ability to know what suits her shape and what works best on her figure.

Cat has definitely become leaner since moving to the US.  She never had a particularly curvaceous shape to be fair but her limbs and torso look so lithe at the moment.  Maybe her engagement and pending wedding to Paddy Kielty has something to do with it …..

What do Joan Rivers, Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe all have in common?

……………… their love of costume jewellery!!  Joan has her own collection and thriving business which she showcases on Fashion Police every week. If you can think back to The Hills series, you’ll remember that Olivia got the job with Elle magazine within the Accessories Department! Rachel is on a whole different level with a collection of jewellery which boasts vintage chanel.

I don’t for one minute think we can all rush out and start building up a collection of Chanel or Dior pieces from the 30s BUT going to antique fairs and also auctions may be a good starting off point to pick up some one off pieces.

Remember you are looking for statement pieces of jewellery.  Think ornate, coloured stones ….. and most importantly you must love the piece itself.  This is the biggest part of building up a collection as there will come a time when you have to pass onto a friend or family member and wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a story to tell about each piece?  The beauty of strong, statement pieces of jewellery means that you can bring the simpliest of white t-shirt or black cardi to life!  If your jewellery “looks” expensive then you will look expensive.

A good tip to also bear in mind is never to buy a piece of jewellery to go with a particular outfit.  The jewellery must be the statement, therefore, you pick this first and then build the outfit around it.  This means that you won’t associate the piece of jewellery with just one outfit and will get more wear out of it.

Also raid your mother and grandmother’s closets.  They are bound to be coming down with costume jewellery which they probably forgot about and haven’t worn in years.

Happy costume jewellery shopping!!!

Fashion Crime

We start to focus a little more on the negative side of Fashion Police today. Clint Eastwood’s daughter (I don’t actually even remember her name or want to for that matter) tried to defend herself from the onslaught by George and the panel when they showed a photo taken by her celebrity photographer boyfriend of her burning a £100K Hermes handbag. When asked “Why in God’s name, why?” she didn’t really have a particularly good answer. I was pretty disappointed in her response that “once her boyfriend has an idea he has to roll with it.” How lame! She then went onto say that people misinterpreted the message of the photo as being “anti-materialism” which was wrong because the real message was that “it’s just a bag that carries things …. we place too much emphasis on things like bags ……… so actually I guess the photo was kind of anti-materialism.” What!! Seriously, if you’re going to defend a photo that outraged thousands of people especially when George quite rightly pointed out that it could have been auctioned to raise money for charity, at least have a bloody good reason for why you did it in the first place! I don’t know how anyone could take this girl seriously after such statements.

You gotta love Kylie!

Day two of my Fashion Police Blog …. we look at this week’s guest, Kylie Minogue. This girl just doesn’t seem to age! I know we have read in the press that she’s a fan of Botox but regardless of your opinion on extreme treatments such as Botox, you have to admit she looks amazing! I think Kylie handled the whole “sloppy seconds to Halle Berry” comment when Joan referred to Kylie’s ex, Olivier Martinez, very well. You could tell she so wanted to say more but in typical Kylie fashion, she refrained and was very gracious. Politeness aside, she looked youthful in a very simple black dress and a darker blonde in her hair. Looking different again to the night in Cannes when she shone in a sequin dress (I posted about this last week) but still rocking those amazing gold spike louboutins! Proving quality footwear can bring even the simpliest black dress alive. Not all of us can afford Louboutins I know, but if you also take the example of Eva Longoria who the panel looked at this week as well, she rocked a pair of statement shoes in fuchsia. So don’t keep that pair of shoes you paid a small fortune for in their box, wear them! Get the best out of them and enjoy how good they make you feel. As Toni Collette says in the film In her shoes – “Clothes never look any good, food just makes me fatter but shoes …. always fit.”

Summer Sorbet

According to Joan Rivers and the team at Fashion Police at E!, sorbet colours will be all the rage for Spring/Summer.

At Belle Dress Hire we have some of the most gorgeous colours available for hire.  Think sugary rose pink, tantalising tangerine, icy white ….. basically the dresses are as delicious as they sound!

Check out to see more