New shorter length dresses now available at Belle Dress Hire!

Any ladies who have come to visit Belle Dress Hire in the past will know that I have previously specialised in full length evening and formal dresses.

However, I have decided to bring in just a few shorter length styles in case you have been invited to a cocktail event at the Culloden Hotel, Holywood, the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast or the Europa Hotel in Belfast to name but a few of our excellent venues across N Ireland.

I tell all my customers that if your invitation says “Black Tie” that means a full length dress to the floor.  If however, your invite states “cocktail” attire, you can also wear a dress to the knee.

So let’s have a look at these new additions to the Belle Dress Hire Collection!  I’m so excited to let you ladies have a first glimpse at these gorgeous and unique styles that have come from London ….

Gold Short Size 6Valencia Red Size 8



You Gotta LOVE Tina!

So, it’s your wedding day and you’re 73 years of age ………… what the hell do you wear??

I give you the awesome Tina Turner who recently got hitched in Switzerland ….

Now this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but let’s be honest, at Tina’s age she couldn’t have rocked a dainty Vera Wang down the aisle now could she!  She’s a legend and so the dress had to be legendary and this green and black silk Armani hit the mark.  I’m not too sure about the sequin leggings poking out at the bottom but I have to admit Tina made a fashion yet age appropriate statement with this wedding gown and looks beautiful.  Take note ladies, you don’t have to go with an ivory, strapless, A-line gown for your big day.  Whilst you may not want to go as far as Tina has done, you might get inspiration from some of the other fabulous, iconic and unusual wedding dresses worn by stars such as Gwen Stefani and Anne Hathaway.




Make sure you get in quick!

Ladies, I had appointments at Belle Dress Hire, located just off the M1 motorway at Lisburn yesterday for school formals being held in October!!

If you have a formal or event coming up in Bangor, Belfast, Lisburn, Banbridge, Newry or Coleraine please do ensure that you book your appointment well in advance as the best dresses will go first!

There are some beautiful dresses available for hire.  Check out a few of these sample photographs ….

MC162061 SOFT PINK (2)Julie2059-bi-01.27(1)GreenAvailable in black and red


Looking to shine at your forthcoming event in Silver?

Look no further than hiring this fabulous full length, silver sequin and tulle gown at Belle Dress Hire, located in Lisburn.  Available to hire at just £70, this stunning dress is brand new to the belle dress hire collection in a size XS (size 6) and so hasn’t been hired before. Would you like to be the very first person to wear this gorgeous dress???


Stunning silver sequin dress available in a size 6

This photo shows the dress in gold, but I decided to bring in the silver colour in this particular style instead as I feel it has a younger and more modern feel.  The dress is strapless, fits in very neatly at the waist and over the hips before flaring out into a “fishtail” type effect towards the bottom.

This dress requires little to no jewelry as it shimmers in dazzling sequin from top to toe.  All you need to accompany this style is a pair of diamante or silver shoes!  The dress also comes with a fine tulle wrap for around the shoulders to complete the look.

I am delighted to launch this new dress at Belle Dress Hire and can’t wait to actually see it on some customers!!!  More new styles will be available at Belle Dress Hire over the next few days and I will be sure to keep all of you posted!


Would you wear the Sharkini?

I have honestly, truly seen it all when I discovered the latest, custom made swimsuit ….

So let’s think about this one.  You know the way you always see little ones running around in cartoon inspired swimming costumes?  Doesn’t it remind you of a comic baby swimsuit?  But let’s get serious, not only would this design possibly offend people on the beach or at the pool who have lost relatives or friends to a shark attack, but the tan lines with this would be awful!  Plus you need to have washboard abs to pull off any kind of cutaway swimsuit, that’s just the law.

Would you believe this suit can be custom made for you at 100 dollars and if you need it in a hurry, an extra 50 dollars will ensure you receive the swimsuit within 12 days.  Sorry folks, this one just isn’t for me.  After the recent shark attacks we’ve read about in the papers I simply think this is a step too far and is in very bad taste.

Shades of Grey ….

Love or hate the particular dress worn by Kate Hudson, there is no denying that the colour is very unusual and a departure from standard black ….. ladies I give you the colour Grey!

I do believe this colour should be worn from head to toe in an evening dress for the best impact.  Grey is such a regal and chic colour and goes so well with all hair colours.  The only thing I would suggest is that you team this particular shade with a strong lipstick – either a scarlet red or a fuschia pink.

Here are some beautiful grey dresses available for hire at Belle ….

Antonia 2

Strapless chiffon dress with matching wrap

Clare Magee

Vintage style

Steel Grey

Steel grey with capped sleeve

If you want to get ahead get a hat!!

I have always loved hats and am lucky in that the majority of styles suit me.  I believe it’s very much to do with the shape of your face (mine is oval) what style of hat best suits you so ensure to try lots of different ones on!

I visited Las Vegas this Summer and was transfixed by women at the pool who were wearing the most fabulous hats.

Now, when I say sun hats, I don’t mean a straw hat with a ribbon around it, I’m talking about a real fashion statement of a hat!  Remember Kim Cattrall in Sex In The City when she was eyeing up her neighbour whilst hiding behind a massive, wide brimmed,yellow hat?  THAT’s the type of hat I’m talking about!

To really make a fashion statement this Summer at the pool or the beach or strolling along the shops in the sun, forget about over priced bikini’s and invest in a super-sized, fashion hat!  They are so much fun, will attract loads of attention and I haven’t even mentioned the best reason of all to buy one …… PREVENTION OF WRINKLES FROM THE SUN!!!!

OMG, How NOT to do shorts!!!

I remember watching Coyote Ugly for the first time and thinking that the main character, Violet (played by Piper Perabo) was so very pretty and I absolutely LOVED her softly waved hair.

Therefore, I was horrified to see a recent picture of Piper in New York wearing an absolutely ghastly outfit!  I have blogged very recently about pairing a simple white shirt/t-shirt or top with shorts for a cool, fashionable look, however this is NOT what I meant …

The shorts are too long in the leg and are actually too small a size for Piper which makes for a very unflattering style.  The top itself is too flowy and baggy which again makes her look larger than she actually is.  And the shoes are just an awful match for this outfit.  An overall disastrous look, did she pass a mirror at all on the way out????

However, let’s take a look at Laura Whitmore who again is a famous young woman.  She wore a simple black playsuit with no jewelry to keep the overall look fresh and clean but on leaving the party she changed into a simple white blouse and shorts.


Take note Piper, this is how it’s supposed to be done!!!  I would suggest that she bins those leather shorts all together!


Animal print HUGE for Autumn/Winter ….

I’m sorry, I have to be totally honest, I just LOVE animal print!  I only have a few leopard print pieces in my wardrobe which include a rain mac, cardi, Kurt Geiger ankle boots and a knee length skirt but I have have worn all of them to death.

Animal print seems to be a fashion trend that keeps coming back to the catwalks every year!  I remember getting first hooked on this look when I saw Angelina Jolie in the amazing coat back in 2004 at the Premiere of the film, Shark Tale ……

When I think about animal print, I think of a statement piece rather than an all over look.  So I’ll pair my print cardi with simple, black pencil trousers.  My rain mac (which is practically identical to Angie’s coat as seen above) with boot-cut jeans.  The KG print ankle boots look gorgeous when I wear them with a knee length, black skirt with layered tulle underneath. So basically, take one piece of animal print clothing and pair this with very simple, plain, block coloured items and you’ll have an outfit that gets you noticed.

Animal print has been synonymous in the past with looking “cheap” aka Bet Lynch from Coronation Street.  It’s easy to avoid this!  Don’t wear any jewelry or heavy makeup and keep hair glossy and fuss free.

If you really want to make an impact at an upcoming event, just look at this amazing animal print dress from Paris, available at Belle Dress Hire in a size 6..  Photo shows a Belle customer who hired the dress and won the evening wear round at the NIFMA competition which was held at the La Mon Hotel Belfast ……

Leanne 2Leanne

Posture in Heels ….

I decided to get my precious Jimmy Choo out from their box at the weekend to wear to an anniversary party at the Crawfordsburn Inn which is just outside Bangor.

With all this glorious sunshine we’ve been experiencing lately in Belfast, I have of course been wearing sandals and flip flops to keep my feet cool.  It was great to finally put on a pair of heels on Saturday night as you immediately feel more glamorous BUT little did I know how much pain I would be in the next day!

Woke up on Sunday morning and bounced out of bed only to yelp in pain at the ache in my thighs and calves!  I had no idea just how much your legs work harder in a pair of high heels.  I always knew that heels instantly make you stand straighter and work wonders for your posture but I underestimated just how true this statement actually is.

Ladies, if you are wearing heels to an event (especially if they’re new) make sure you practice wearing them in advance!!!  Nothing looks worse than a lady who very obviously can’t walk in her shoes.  No point in wearing a gorgeous dress from Belle Dress Hire, fab spray tan and nails if you’re wobbling all over the place!  If like me you’ve been wearing flat shoes during the Summer, make sure you wear heels around the house a few days before your event to prevent aching muscles and poor posture on the big night!