Dress better than Cat!!

Mmmm if you want to wear a stunning black dress but do a much better job than Cat Deeley did at this year’s Emmys, hire this stunning style from Belle Dress Hire ..



This halterneck dress with full sequin skirt is effortlessly elegant and sexy!  It offers the best of both worlds with a plainer top and va va voom skirt.  This dress works extremely well on curvy ladies so hips and a bust are required!!

Poor Cat Deeley had a disaster in this similarly shaped black dress.  Problem was there simply wasn’t enough dress AND she hadn’t the curves to fill the dress out and make a real statement.  The result is fairly unflattering and will land Cat in the worst dressed lists I’m sure which is a rarity as she usually gets it so right!


Getting it right from behind at the Emmys!!

Following on from my previous post about this year’s red carpet at Downtown L.A’s Nokia Theatre, I wanted to comment on another trend that seemed to be making a scene.  Sheer madness baby!!  Once again, starlets such as Julianne Hough, Homeland’s Claire Danes and indeed Padma Lakshmi all chose to display a little more flesh that usual, but kept things tasteful with the addition of sheer mesh fabric.

Both of these ladies have again decided to pick a very pale hue but have kept the style daring and fashionable because they are flashing a little skin.  Remember ladies, if you are going to copy this look, your skin must be toned and in fab condition.

Although, I applaud Julianne Hough’s braveness to wear a fully sheer skirt I can’t help but admit I find the dress nicer from far away than it is up close, sorry!!!  I really wanted to like this immensely when I first saw the photos but unfortunately the more I look at the dress the more I’m not so keen on it.


Belle Dress Hire again has some beautiful dresses which come with mesh detailing available to hire in sizes 6 and also 8 …





Ghostly hues hit the Emmys red carpet …

It’s that time of year again when my SKY planner goes beserk recording all programmes relating to the Emmy Awards (mostly on channel E!).  I can’t help myself, I’m always just so curious to see what women who have the money to buy and wear any dress in the whole wide world finally decide to pick.

This year I was both disappointed and in awe at some of the styles.  It seems pale colours were making a big impact on the red carpet.  I am very undecided about this trend as I believe these very pale tones are extremely hard to wear unless you have a golden/tan complexion OR completely unblemished perfect ivory skin.  Everyone from Mad Men’s January Jones to Julie Bowen from Modern Family to DWTS Julianne Hough, these female celebrities donned the palest of pinks, nudes and various shades of white at this year’s big night for TV!

I absolutely detest the dress on January Jones for so many reasons!  I feel the bustline looks very awkward and cuts her bust off in a really weird place that actually makes the dress look uncomfortable to wear! Plus this girl is tiny so why have a dress that makes her look like she has pockets of flab under each arm??  I also don’t like the fabric that Givenchy has used as it reminds me of crochet squares my mum used to make and that panel along the bottom of the dress is horrendous.  Apparently, this dress was specially made for January??  And as she told a reporter at the event and I quote .. “They made this for me so I had to pick it.”  To be honest, if I had been January I would have thanked  Givenchy for the thought but politely declined the offer of this dress.

Just awful.


It’s a different story when we look at Julie Bowen!


Ok, the dress is completely over the top and some might say very 90’s in shape and style.  God help me, I don’t know what it is exactly but I really LOVE this.  It’s not my usual cup of tea at all but I think she looks so happy and confident in the dress that I’m looking at the style in a completely different way.

Unlike January, this bustline is perfect!  It’s flattering, delicate and so very pretty.  I love the choice of fabric and the blush/pale pink is just so girlie but the addition of the layered ruffles at the bottom help to remind us that this is definitely a grown ups dress!

Belle Dress Hire has some really beautiful pale coloured dresses available at the moment in sizes 6, 8 and 10 …

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