Play with Formal Fashion!

Even though I have a beautiful collection of formal and evening dresses at Belle Dress Hire, I have to say I admire anyone who takes a risk with black tie fashion and makes it work!

Turning a “standard” evening dress code on its head is Taylor Swift whilst attending this year’s Country Music Awards ….

I just LOVED her look as evening wear!  LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  She’s a young girl so can have a bit of fun on the red carpet with a cropped top with cut outs showing off her trim waist and then a simple, full black skirt with side split, paired with awesome sandals

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Taylor is being lazy at this event, she’s actually been extremely clever with her styling and looks effortlessly chic.  This outfit would be so comfortable during an awards ceremony which can go on for hours.  She would be able to walk about the room in this skirt, dance etc  Ok, she may need to pass on the spuds at dinner due to the danger of a bloated mid riff ….. but skipping some carbs would be SO worth it to look like this.

I posted about Emma Watson’s play with formal wear at the Oscar’s which I didn’t care for but Taylor Swift gets it bang on in my opinion with this look.  She can’t do any wrong on the red carpet for me at the moment.

This look can be easily replicated for a fab, dressed up night out on the town.  Simply pair a cropped white top with large pantaloon trousers in a dark coloured – black or navy – floaty fabric.  These are all over the High Street at the moment!  The wider the pantaloon the better to exaggerate the waist and also to look more like a full skirt therefore channelling a more “formal” style.

Jesus Wept Emma Watson!!!

Listen, I’m all for a modern twist, new fashion trends translated from the runways to high street etc but black leggings paired with a Christian Dior gown at the Golden Globes red carpet??? I’m sorry, this just doesn’t work for me.  In fact it’s such a ridiculous notion that I had to double check this actually really happened …. and to my dismay …. yep it was real.

From the front it actually doesn’t look that bad.  In fact it looks like a cool, simple dress in a scarlet red which is beautiful on Emma.  Yeah, you’d be thinking, Mmmm not much effort made there but you know she looks young, fresh and free not stuffy and uncomfortable like some of the stars clad in sequin.  BUT then tragedy strikes.

Yes people, black, cropped trousers  which actually look more like leggings and then blue, yes you heard me right, I said BLUE shoes.

And it doesn’t just end there ….. the look is finished with one ear ring.

Don’t get me wrong, at a different event, this look would have been so cool and unique.  I would have looked at it in a completely different way.  But, I’m sorry, the Golden Globes are usually a showcase and big red carpet event to prelude the Oscars.  This was NOT the occasion to wear this.  Case of great dress, wrong event.






Finally! Some good uns at the Golden Globes ….

…… Well not exactly mind-blowingly fabulous, but a hell of a lot better than most!!!

Taylor Swift was certainly in favour of the colour trend that seemed to be everywhere at this event but unlike some of her peers, she seems to have been able to wear the dress rather than the other way around.  Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s very tall and slight in figure which means the dress doesn’t swamp her.  Also, the fact that it’s black paired with another colour might also have helped with this style as well rather than two clashing colours or a mixture of hues all at once.

Jessica Chastain shows us how a simple, black, well shaped Givenchy dress can look great on the red carpet.  It’s not a boring choice …. although doesn’t massively excite me either, it fits her body really well and she looks effortlessly chic.

I do like this fishtail gown on Kate Beckinsale, who always chooses the more “glamorous” options for red carpets and you can see why!  The sex siren style just suits her!  She always keeps her hair and make up nice and simple but pairs this with a va va voom dress and Voila!  Not my favourite dress at this event but at least she looks like she made a bloody effort!

I have two blog posts left on the 2014 Golden Globes …. One I will reserve completely for Emma Watson in Christian Dior and the other on the dresses that I really loved at this year’s event and there aren’t too many of them ….

Ah to be 17 again ….


I saw a photo of Stephen Baldwin’s 17 year old daughter, Hailey as she posed beside him at a red carpet event in Hollywood.  Rather than look like his daughter she could have been mistaken as his date!

Surely at 17, you should be fresh faced and glowing with youth?  Not so for Hailey, instead she looks like a very mature 25 year old and why does her face look so hard to me? It’s as if she’s gone through a lifetime of strife and emotional challenges when I look at her skin and that “hardness” in her eyes.

When I think of a 17 year old, Emma Watson pops into my head as her character Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter.  Minimal make up, simple hair, school uniform (as most girls this age are still studying!) and just a look of innocence that unfortunately naturally fades as you get older.

I was curious to see just how other starlets who are 17 years old are faring at the moment and I came across Abigail Beslin from Little Miss Sunshine and also Claudia Lee from Kick Ass 2.   They look about 30!  And then there’s Courtney Stodden who married at just 16 years of age.

If you look twenty years older than your real age at this early stage of life what the hell can you expect to look like once you hit fourty!!  This is such a shame, as all Courtney need to do is just lay off the make-up, heavy grooming of her hair and just try to soften her overall look as it’s so harsh for somebody so young.  I am now 34 and would do anything to look like a 17 year old again, in fact I pay a small fortune each week on miracle face creams and pills which claim to be able to fulfill that dream!!  Why are the young girls of today so keen to grow up so fast!

Ear Cuffs ….. the latest trend!

When I first heard the term “ear cuffs”, I immediately thought this was a passing punk trend until I heard cuffs have been sported recently by celebs such as actress Diane Kruger to  “goodie two shoes” Emma Watson to “bad girl” Rihanna.This trend which has been massively hitting the red carpet, is temporary which means you don’t have to commit to permanent ear piercing all over your ears.  The cuff simply clasps onto the rim of your ear and so can be removed at any time.

As I said, I thought this trend wouldn’t be suitable for a chic look, but I was so wrong! In fact, I think this would be an amazing look to try with an evening dress as it’s something a little bit different.

Ear Cuffs can be a simple metal design OR you can go all out with OTT diamante detail. So if you are looking for an accessory which will make you stand out from the crowd at an upcoming wedding, black tie or formal event, why not consider an ear cuff especially if you are wearing your hair up!