Can you wear pink with red??

The answer is …. YES!

Diane Kruger wore an outfit on the red carpet to attend Autism Speaks third annual Blue Jean Ball.  To be honest, I don’t love the dress.  For some reason it reminds me of a nurses uniform and I can’t shake this every time I look at a photo.  However, that aside, Diane proves to us that we can be daring with colour choices and make it look stylish and cool.

Pink paired with red would for some would be a definite fashion no-no, but Diane has learnt from the ultimate fashion icon, Princess Diana whom actually wore this colour combination quite a few times.  This is just a short post to really say, be brave with colour!  Experiment and embrace strong colour choices especially in the winter when we could all do with a lift!  Pink coats are all the rage at the moment, so why not be bold and pair with a red scarf and gloves perhaps?


Ear Cuffs ….. the latest trend!

When I first heard the term “ear cuffs”, I immediately thought this was a passing punk trend until I heard cuffs have been sported recently by celebs such as actress Diane Kruger to  “goodie two shoes” Emma Watson to “bad girl” Rihanna.This trend which has been massively hitting the red carpet, is temporary which means you don’t have to commit to permanent ear piercing all over your ears.  The cuff simply clasps onto the rim of your ear and so can be removed at any time.

As I said, I thought this trend wouldn’t be suitable for a chic look, but I was so wrong! In fact, I think this would be an amazing look to try with an evening dress as it’s something a little bit different.

Ear Cuffs can be a simple metal design OR you can go all out with OTT diamante detail. So if you are looking for an accessory which will make you stand out from the crowd at an upcoming wedding, black tie or formal event, why not consider an ear cuff especially if you are wearing your hair up!

Tummy trouble Kim K??


Celebrities are braving the harsh December temperatures by baring their tummies!  We see Diane Kruger effortlessly display this trend in a beautiful ensemble which is both sexy but very feminine at the same time.  Poor Kim K on the other hand sports an absolute disaster of an outfit which does her fabulous curves no justice at all!  Her waist is hanging over the skirt which is just too tight and her choice of lycra, sleeveless top makes her look really busty and not in a good way!  I say Sack the Stylist Kim ASAP!