How do we feel about men who like fashion?

Love or hate his music, love or hate his style, you have to hand it to Kanye West.  I think it’s actually refreshing to see a guy who is interested in fashion!  Why shouldn’t men take a more avid interest in their appearance?  Surely this is to be admired.

Take David Beckham as another example. The guy could wear a plastic bag and still make it look good!  And no one does a penguin suit better than Daniel Craig.

I have to say I’m not a fan of the Russell Brand or One Direction band members and their skinny jeans look but I do like to see a man who is confident and who wants to look good!  Let’s be honest, we don’t ever want to compete with a man for time in the bathroom or in front of the mirror but certainly it is nice when a guy spends time getting ready and puts effort into his clothes.

When I think about it  …. us ladies can sometimes take all day to get ready for a date between time for a spray tan, nail and hair appointments, shopping for the “perfect outfit”, shaving our bodies within an inch of our lives, make up application, the list goes on and on ….  How disappointing that after hours and hours of preparation to look as fabulous as we possibly can, our date sprays some deodorant, splashes his face with water and throws on a clean t-shirt and jeans whilst shouting up the stairs, “Come on love, it’s time we were going!”.

As as I said before, I wouldn’t like my man to take more time getting ready than me or spending more hours down the high street but at the same time, a little effort never hurt anyone!  I don’t think my husband will be donning a fur edged coat aka Kanye West in the photo above but in his Vivienne Westwood shirt and Hugo Boss jeans, he’s a style icon to me!