Cropped tops? How best to wear this style?

We are all desperately clinging onto the last few “official” weeks of Summer time in August.  So some of you ladies out there may finally have decided to try the cropped top trend that has been donned by both the young and the slightly more mature 30 year old woman on the red carpet of late.  However, be warned!!!  There is a danger where this look is concerned as if you tip slightly over the line, the style can look really cheap.

Take Rhianna for example ….. She was one of the first celebs to champion the cropped top look and has incorporated this trend into her collection for River Island, but even she has been on both sides of the coin whilst wearing this look. Rhianna chose to wear a stunning diamante cropped top with short sleeve which doesn’t show too much of the stomach or bust and simply paired this with fashionable denim.  This looks casual yet really stylish at the same time and makes me want to copy this look myself.  Then disaster strikes with another outfit …. First of all the outfit overall is just too revealing!  If wearing a cropped top DO NOT pair with shorts or a mini skirt, it just exposes way too much skin.  Because this style is all black as well, the overall look comes across as really cheap and tacky.

Other ladies who have got this trend bang on is Kimberley Walsh who paired a cropped top with tailored trousers, giving her an elegant and chic outfit with just a hint of sex appeal.  I also spotted Rooney Mara at a recent red carpet event and she has paired the shorter top with a simple pencil skirt.  Both of these ladies prove that by resisting the urge to “dare to bare” you can achieve a great look, that’s sexy but not trashy.

My advice would be this … if you want to try out this trend, pair a cropped top with a longer length trouser or skirt.