Play with Formal Fashion!

Even though I have a beautiful collection of formal and evening dresses at Belle Dress Hire, I have to say I admire anyone who takes a risk with black tie fashion and makes it work!

Turning a “standard” evening dress code on its head is Taylor Swift whilst attending this year’s Country Music Awards ….

I just LOVED her look as evening wear!  LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  She’s a young girl so can have a bit of fun on the red carpet with a cropped top with cut outs showing off her trim waist and then a simple, full black skirt with side split, paired with awesome sandals

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Taylor is being lazy at this event, she’s actually been extremely clever with her styling and looks effortlessly chic.  This outfit would be so comfortable during an awards ceremony which can go on for hours.  She would be able to walk about the room in this skirt, dance etc  Ok, she may need to pass on the spuds at dinner due to the danger of a bloated mid riff ….. but skipping some carbs would be SO worth it to look like this.

I posted about Emma Watson’s play with formal wear at the Oscar’s which I didn’t care for but Taylor Swift gets it bang on in my opinion with this look.  She can’t do any wrong on the red carpet for me at the moment.

This look can be easily replicated for a fab, dressed up night out on the town.  Simply pair a cropped white top with large pantaloon trousers in a dark coloured – black or navy – floaty fabric.  These are all over the High Street at the moment!  The wider the pantaloon the better to exaggerate the waist and also to look more like a full skirt therefore channelling a more “formal” style.

I have to admit, Taylor Swift looks beautiful …

It has to be said, from a personal point of view, I am not Taylor Swift’s number one fan.  I haven’t been overly impressed with her fashion sense over the years either but I had to take a note when I saw photos of her at a recent Country Music Awards event in a stunning, full length, gold beaded gown.  There is a real fine line which can be crossed whenever younger girls wear evening dresses in that they can really age the wearer, especially beaded dresses similar to what Taylor is wearing.  However, Taylor’s stylist has been very clever, keeping accessories very simple and by pulling her hair into a chic ponytail, this keeps the look young and fresh.  This is probably one of my most favourite looks on Taylor to date this year