Backless Inspiration from Tulisa and Cheryl

Both Cheryl and Tulisa (their surnames are too complicated) channeled backless dresses at this year’s Pride of Britain Awards.

Cheryl’s choice had more of a Victorian edge to it due to the lace fabric and colour, whereas Tulisa’s unusual heavier, embellished dress by Amber Feroz seemed to swallow her up from the front.

To be honest, the magic of both of these dresses was all in the back.  Although, totally ruined in my opinion by those hideous tattoos!  If you are going to wear a backless number soon just make sure you attend to the skin in the run up to your event.  A spotty, dry back isn’t pretty.

photo 2

photo 5

The above black, backless, vintage style gown with sheer mesh detail is NEW to Belle Dress Hire and available in a size 8 and I believe has a similar quality to it as those displayed on the red carpet by Tulisa and Cheryl.  A simple design at the front and maximum effect at the back of the dress means you will impress from all angles.  Helga McKay models this new style beautifully at an event in Belfast last weekend and has made perfect choices in relation to her hairstyle and make up.  Effortlessly elegant.

What was she thinking???

Whilst the rest of us start digging out the ever faithful winter coat from the back of the wardrobe, Cheryl Cole decides to post a “selfie” of herself in a bikini!

AAAHHHHHhhh where to start with this one!

First of all, bearing in mind that my car registered just 3 degrees this morning, the thought of wearing a bikini right now seems absolutely ridiculous.

Secondly, the headlines screamed “Cheryl posts a selfie” with the pic …. Mmmmm unless Cheryl has an extra set of arms to take the picture from behind, I think what actually happened was that she posed and someone else took the photo.  I’m getting really sick of celebs posting photos on Instagram of themselves.  It is SO egotistical and I’m over it already!!

Last but not least …… a tattoo all over your arse?  Seriously?  And aren’t rose tattoos a tad old fashioned and dare I say it …. considered somewhat “cheap” Cheryl Cole????



Fashion LOVES this week ….


Let’s look at the ever stylish Victoria Beckham first.  I do love her style as it’s always so polished and chic.  VB shows us just how simple it is to lift a black coat and white shirt, just add a spot of colour in the trousers!  Victoria has chosen a carrot orange but you could of course go with anything as long as it’s bright and contrasts well against the otherwise ordinary black and white.  BUT beware!  Remember that awful purple flare trousers combination that Cheryl Cole was panned for at the X Factor launch in the US??  If you are going to wear a brightly coloured trousers make sure that they are tailored properly to fit!!  They shouldn’t be too long and cover your shoes, clingy on the thighs and no camel toe allowed!!