Girl Crush Alert on Blake Lively!

I can’t help myself, I am so in love with this girl’s fashion choices!!!  She can do no wrong in my eyes.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival …

Her choice of sequin Chanel is simply stunning.  It’s young and fresh whilst at the same time ferociously elegant and chic.  Her glossy hair looks flawless as does her make up and choice of an estimated one million dollars worth of jewellery!  Just two tiny issues I have with this gorgeous dress …. I loathe the pockets and think they totally ruin the line and look plus the dress is just a tad too short for my liking!

A similar sequin, silver toned dress is available for hire at Belle Dress Hire.  Channel Blake’s look in this beautiful, sheath beaded gown.  It is a very small size 6 dress …


I also love the shorter length dress again worn by Blake this week at Cannes Film Festival … I adored the beadwork and rich effect of the brocade style fabric.  I’d love to know what they put on her legs as she looks as if she’s wearing tights they are so flawless!  Reminds me to buy some Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs as it gives the same effect but be very wary as it rubs off onto clothes!

But the pièce de la résistance HAS to be THEE Gucci Premiere gown …

OMG.  Just perfection.  The simplicity of the shape, the richness of burgundy on her skin and the fabulous neckline are amazing on Blake.

Not only is the dress fantastic, check out her ear rings!!!!!!!!!!!!  Exquisite.  AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE her plait.  Ladies take note, as this is a hair style you can do yourself at home with perhaps the add of a friend so they can check the back.  It’s an undo that is dressy yet casual and effortless at the same time so a perfect choice for a school formal.

When Fashion just looks ….. Weird.

Being brutally honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Keira Knightley. I don’t think she’s an amazing actress and I haven’t followed her fashion wise either BUT I haven’t disliked her for any particular reason.  When I think of her over the years, I see photos of her pouting in magazines which I thought looked really silly because she’s not a stereotypically “sexy” girl, so the pouting just looked strange on her.

Anyway, the reason for this post today, is that Keira disappeared for a little while off the big screen after getting hitched to James Righton.  But she’s back, with the promotion for her newest flick, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and wearing Chanel!

If I had access to an endless cash flow, I personally would dress top to toe in Chanel if I could.  I just find the brand to be the epitome of chic.  However, when I looked at the latest garb on Keira, I didn’t love it.  In fact, I really disliked it.  Ok, she’s always been incredibly thin and I believe she has always possessed a very slight frame but the corseted designer dress makes her look REALLY STRANGE!!!

When I looked at her I couldn’t help it but think of those ladies from the Guinness Book of Records who have held the title for the smallest waist in the world.  This TOTALLY WEIRD silhouette is achieved through wearing corsets day and night for many years

This to me is not sexy.  This to me looks beyond strange!!  I’m sorry Keira but it just means this is a fashion failure to me I’m afraid.







What do Joan Rivers, Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe all have in common?

……………… their love of costume jewellery!!  Joan has her own collection and thriving business which she showcases on Fashion Police every week. If you can think back to The Hills series, you’ll remember that Olivia got the job with Elle magazine within the Accessories Department! Rachel is on a whole different level with a collection of jewellery which boasts vintage chanel.

I don’t for one minute think we can all rush out and start building up a collection of Chanel or Dior pieces from the 30s BUT going to antique fairs and also auctions may be a good starting off point to pick up some one off pieces.

Remember you are looking for statement pieces of jewellery.  Think ornate, coloured stones ….. and most importantly you must love the piece itself.  This is the biggest part of building up a collection as there will come a time when you have to pass onto a friend or family member and wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a story to tell about each piece?  The beauty of strong, statement pieces of jewellery means that you can bring the simpliest of white t-shirt or black cardi to life!  If your jewellery “looks” expensive then you will look expensive.

A good tip to also bear in mind is never to buy a piece of jewellery to go with a particular outfit.  The jewellery must be the statement, therefore, you pick this first and then build the outfit around it.  This means that you won’t associate the piece of jewellery with just one outfit and will get more wear out of it.

Also raid your mother and grandmother’s closets.  They are bound to be coming down with costume jewellery which they probably forgot about and haven’t worn in years.

Happy costume jewellery shopping!!!