Dress better than Cat!!

Mmmm if you want to wear a stunning black dress but do a much better job than Cat Deeley did at this year’s Emmys, hire this stunning style from Belle Dress Hire ..



This halterneck dress with full sequin skirt is effortlessly elegant and sexy!  It offers the best of both worlds with a plainer top and va va voom skirt.  This dress works extremely well on curvy ladies so hips and a bust are required!!

Poor Cat Deeley had a disaster in this similarly shaped black dress.  Problem was there simply wasn’t enough dress AND she hadn’t the curves to fill the dress out and make a real statement.  The result is fairly unflattering and will land Cat in the worst dressed lists I’m sure which is a rarity as she usually gets it so right!


Just to prove how good stripes can look ….. Check out Cat Deeley!!!


As I said in a previous post, horizontal stripes are usually a no go area, but I give you ….Cat Deeley!  Ok, maybe not all of us have washboard abs to display but that aside, this striped red and black outfit is so tasteful and fresh.  Again, like the dress I blogged about yesterday, because the skirt is fuller rather than figure hugging, the stripes are actually extremely complimentary.  This is such an easy look to copy.  Even if you don’t want to do stripes from top to bottom, team a striped jumper with plain black pencil trousers OR pair a plain jumper with a striped fuller skirt which preferably ends at the knee or down to the ankle.

It’s all about Cat Deeley ….

Cat was a guest on the panel of this week’s Fashion Police.  Have to say, the girl suits living in the US!  She looks so fresh and for being a blonde, her hair is so glossy and shiny.  Would love to know what she uses!!

But it’s not just the hair, her skin is glowing and she has such a natural laid back approach when it comes to fashion.  I believe she fully supports the high street and likes mixing designer pieces with simple t-shirts and trousers which can picked up at H&M, Topshop and Zara.

‘My first thing I do is go and hoover around Topshop’ explains Cat, I really miss it, I’m a total high street girl. I like to mix it all up, bit of designer and high street, French Connection and Monsoon, and no one does high street as good as here.’

She also doesn’t hire a stylist!  Now that really is going against the grain in America.  All celebrities these days (apart from Britney that is) have stylists on board with them so it’s refreshing that Cat is confident in her own ability to know what suits her shape and what works best on her figure.

Cat has definitely become leaner since moving to the US.  She never had a particularly curvaceous shape to be fair but her limbs and torso look so lithe at the moment.  Maybe her engagement and pending wedding to Paddy Kielty has something to do with it …..