Victoria Beckham – Style Icon

I have to hand it to VB, this lady has style.  Not only has she managed to shirk the “Posh Spice” title for which she was renowned, but the world has now embraced her as a leading and legitimate fashion designer.

I have listened to a few celebrity interviews on TV and they all seem to applaud VB for her ability to design clothes that flatter “all” types of women, whether they have curves or emulate an ironing board.  Would you ever have thought that Eva Longoria and Carol Voderman could wear the exact same dress just in different sizes and both look absolutely fantastic??  True testament to VB’s skills as a designer.

I remember the American press absolutely hammered VB when she first arrived on US soil with David.  They laughed at her high heels and Hermes bag combinations when watching her sons play school soccer.  They were perplexed by the fact that she constantly looked sour in pictures.  They all debated whether she was “too thin”.  And now it seems, America has finally embraced Victoria Beckham.  She must feel so triumphant, especially when they gave her such a hard time.

I do think David Beckham will always be seen as the “Golden Child” of the relationship, but VB has done well to cement her talents and skills to a doubting public.  Well done VB!