Separates are SEXY!!

I just LOVE separates as evening wear.  Give me a well tailored black tux or a cropped top and pants or skirt over a full length ball gown any day of the week.  IF it’s done right of course.  From Leslie Mann and Emma Watson to Cara Delevingne and Angelina Jolie, many starlets have shunned the typical evening dress expected at red carpet events and created unforgettable fashion moments.

I applaud this completely different take on what is considered as “typical” evening wear.  I think it’s young, I think it’s fashionable, I think it’s fun and should be done so much more!

The separate concept was shown as recently as this week at the Love, Rosie Premiere in London’s Odeon West End by Kimberley Garner (former cast member of Made In Chelsea) and actress, Laura Haddock.

Even though I love this trend, I actually don’t have a wealth of separates available at Belle Dress Hire simply because the suppliers don’t offer enough of this type of thing for me to buy in!  I do however, have this absolutely gorgeous layered, black, tulle skirt with satin bow detail and a separate fitted corset with cream lace.  This skirt also looks amazing with a fitted, brightly coloured cashmere cardigan or could be paired with a simple t-shirt if you really wanted to shake things up.


frida 2


Be adventurous with evening wear, step outside the box and out of your comfort zone at your next event.  The separate outfit above is available at Belle Dress Hire for just £80 plus security deposit.

Ear Cuffs ….. the latest trend!

When I first heard the term “ear cuffs”, I immediately thought this was a passing punk trend until I heard cuffs have been sported recently by celebs such as actress Diane Kruger to  “goodie two shoes” Emma Watson to “bad girl” Rihanna.This trend which has been massively hitting the red carpet, is temporary which means you don’t have to commit to permanent ear piercing all over your ears.  The cuff simply clasps onto the rim of your ear and so can be removed at any time.

As I said, I thought this trend wouldn’t be suitable for a chic look, but I was so wrong! In fact, I think this would be an amazing look to try with an evening dress as it’s something a little bit different.

Ear Cuffs can be a simple metal design OR you can go all out with OTT diamante detail. So if you are looking for an accessory which will make you stand out from the crowd at an upcoming wedding, black tie or formal event, why not consider an ear cuff especially if you are wearing your hair up!

Paris Fashion Week 2013 …

…… one of the most anticipated 7 days of the entire year!  However, critics are saying the catwalk displays in the City last week warranted headlines BUT for all the wrong reasons.

Even the fabulous, iconic Kate Moss and “It” model of the moment Cara Delevingne looked dare I say it …. absolute frights!  They both donned what looks like very bad, tacky, cheap acrylic black wigs.  Surely the designers could have found better materials than this?  My local costume shop around the corner has better quality wigs for parties at £5 eh!

You’d think these were the worst looks of the week wouldn’t you?  Oh no, then you saw the shaggy sheep dog hair and orthopedic style shoes which showed on the Stella McCartney runway!

If these items are representative of forthcoming trends, I give up!  I totally understand that designers do take looks on the catwalk as far as possible and some are meant to be tongue in cheek and taken with a pinch of salt.  But just how is the average female supposed to translate these looks and recreate them for a day’s shopping or a night out?  They’d look ridiculous!  I mean would you seriously wear these shoes with a fine silk skirt or trousers?????