One size doesn’t fit all!

The pear body shape is the classic feminine silhouette, with hips, thighs or bum that are bigger than the upper half. Show off a slim top half with fine spaghetti straps or indeed choose a strapless dress. Minimise wide hips with dark block colours and showcase a small waist with a dress that nips in at this area.

A slender, boyish frame means you need to invest in dresses that feminise your figure. Details such as frills, layers and ruffles will add volume to your figure.  Introduce structure and/or padding in the bust area which will give the impression of bigger boobs. Luckily, slender shapes can work all colours are suitable for a small frame so ensure to check out the latest season colour trends.

Old School Hollywood crowned the hourglass figureas the ideal female body shape. Channel Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth who both epitomised Hollywood glamour at its best by choosing a dress which has a full skirt and a top that nips in at the waist which will complete the 50s-inspired look. Use draping to your advantage as it accentuates your curves and can disguise the tummy area.

The apple, generally has a rounded tummy and big bust which can be difficult to dress. Select a dress that sculpts your midriff for example a corseted dress which should help. If you have a good cleavage or great legs Draw attention to them and show them off! Remember to invest in body control underwear which will define your middle area. Draw attention away from the stomach with a dress that has embellishments/beading on the bust area and remember strong block colours such as navy, black or burgundy will work best.

Using these clever tips can ensure that you choose a dress that will showcase your figure at its best.