Boob jobs on the increase!

It seems that celebs and Hollywood actresses alike are increasing their bust size recently.  Some are choosing to be coy and not confirm whether they have had the surgery or not whilst others are coming “clean”.

There have been reports that Hayden Panettiere has recently had surgery to increase her cup size from an A to a C but she’s keeping quiet.

Samia Ghadie has been more open about her boob job by openly discussing the fact that she spent £4000 on the surgery to go up to a C cup so that she could “feel womanly again.”  To be honest, whether someone admits to having surgery or not, as long as they haven’t gone too far in terms of increasing their busts, I think it’s great!  Young women no longer want the balloon sized jugs aka Pamela Anderson but are only going up a size or two in the cup to keep the change to their appearance as subtle as possible and I commend them.