Ahhhh just a hint of pink.

I have to hand it to Eva Mendes, she just looks effortlessly cool and stylish at ALL times!

We all know that soft pink or blush tones are THEE MAJOR TREND RIGHT NOW on the High Street.  However, unless you’ve pre-ordered that amazing pink coat from Marks and Spencer that has been in all the magazines, you’ll probably be at a loss of just how to incorporate this new colour trend into your fashion choices.

Remember, a trend doesn’t have to be “loud”.  What I mean is, just add a small hint of the trend to your overall look just as Eva Mendes has done perfectly with the addition of a soft pink camisole top and pointed toe shoes.  You don’t have to be dressed head to toe in pink to be considered fashionable! You don’t even have to go as far as “wearing” this colour, why not simply chose a soft blush nail colour or lipstick?  At least you would be on trend without spending a fortune.

Keep things bright this Autumn!!

Ladies, just because we are approaching Halloween, you can see your breath in the morning and apparently the first Christmas tree in Belfast has been spotted at a house just off the Falls Road, doesn’t mean that we have to go all “wintery”.  In other words, dress in bleak and gloomy colours

Already the High Street is filling shop floors with grey, aubergine, plum, brown and beige tones with the odd dot here and there of on trend colour of the moment, blush pink and of course tartan print fabrics which is a major trend right now.  But don’t let this stop you from experimenting with colour!  Just check out Victoria Secret model, Karlie Kloss and actress Olivia Munn, both of whom are rocking bright hues on the red carpet.

Belle Dress Hire just off the M1 motorway at Lisburn, has some really beautiful coloured dresses available to hire at the moment which paired with a fur shrug could be worn to any event up until Christmas!

MeganIMG_020535415-purple-bi-01.2735442-bi-01.27 (1)GreenJulie Anne Cerise


I did the blushing bride look over 5 years ago!!!

I think I am officially a trendsetter!!!!  I feel very good about the fact that I wore a blush coloured wedding dress when I got married back in 2007!  Now they’re all at it!

Check out brides such as the new Mrs Timberland, Jessica Biel. Then we have Anne Hathaway’s wedding dress artist sketch at Valentino, again sporting pink/blush as the main colour.  Even Reese Witherspoon wore a pink gown at her second marriage to Jim Toth this year

I was feeling very good about myself being a good few steps ahead of the fashion trends until I realised that …. Gwen Stefani beat me to it!!!  In 2002 when she wed Gavin Rossdale, Gwen wore a fabulous dress by John Galliano for Christian Dior with shots of pink running up through the dress.  This is now heralded as a top ten iconic celebrity wedding dress.