Glamorous Evening Hair Can Be Done at Home!

Whether you are going straight to an event after work and have little time to get changed and ready or want a glamorous evening style without paying a fortune at the salon, look no further than the shiny, side sweep, one shoulder “do”.

From Eva Mendes, Blake Lively and Jessica Alba to Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale and Jamie King, it seems everyone is a fan of this hairstyle regardless of hair colour.  However, two things these ladies all have in common is naturally straight/slightly wavy hair and most importantly ……. SHINE.  You need to have both of these in place before attempting this style as well as pair of tongs and some hairspray.

Ok, before I hear you groan that you weren’t blessed with silky, shiny hair, get yourself to the nearest Boots or Superdrug and buy a shine spray or oil.  There are so many variations of products for shine these days, most of which are inexpensive.

A cheap way to create shine without adding product, is to rinse hair in cold water after shampooing and adding conditioner.  Another great way to make your hair as silky as possible to blow dry the hair downwards which keeps the shaft of the hair flat.

This style will take very little time as I said but will depend on the thickness of your hair.  A good way to save time is to tong individual lengths of hair (approx 2/3inches thick) up to the ear and let them sit in ringlets while you apply make up and get dressed.  This allows the ringlets to “drop” very slightly.  Once everything else is in place, run your fingers through the ringlets to form loose curls.  If they are still too tight a curl, lightly brush the curls through with a boar/nylon bristle brush or a simple paddle brush (do not use a comb as this will frizz the hair). Pull and smooth the hair round so it rests on one shoulder and lightly hair spray into place.  Do NOT overload with hairspray, this style is supposed to look soft and have a slight bounce to it.

This is how I did it (blonde on the left)!  Such an easy hairstyle to do and it keeps an evening look fresh and young!


This particular style really suits a statement ear ring and of course a Belle Dress Hire gown will totally complete the look!


Bag Yourself the same dress as Blake Lively at Belle Dress Hire!

Do you think Blake Lively’s fashion sense is amazing?  Would you love to mimic her style at your next big event?  Look no further than Belle Dress Hire in Lisburn ….

Blake wore a striking, canary yellow, chiffon dress with halter neck straps and a wrapped effect waistline at her latest red carpet appearance.  Check out thee exact same style available at Belle Dress Hire for just £70 …

MC166066 StrawberryBernieIFTAS2






This dress is available to hire in a stunning raspberry shade which is so striking especially in the Summer.


Now one of the main reasons Blake makes this dress look even more special is the addition of coloured ear rings in a rich turquoise.  Because it’s coming into the warmth of Summer you can afford to think outside of the box in terms of accessories at Black Tie events.  Take a leaf out of Blake’s book and snub the traditional diamante bling ear-rings, bracelets etc at your next event.  It could just make the difference and turn a simple, elegant gown into a fashion forward, eye catching statement.

Girl Crush Alert on Blake Lively!

I can’t help myself, I am so in love with this girl’s fashion choices!!!  She can do no wrong in my eyes.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival …

Her choice of sequin Chanel is simply stunning.  It’s young and fresh whilst at the same time ferociously elegant and chic.  Her glossy hair looks flawless as does her make up and choice of an estimated one million dollars worth of jewellery!  Just two tiny issues I have with this gorgeous dress …. I loathe the pockets and think they totally ruin the line and look plus the dress is just a tad too short for my liking!

A similar sequin, silver toned dress is available for hire at Belle Dress Hire.  Channel Blake’s look in this beautiful, sheath beaded gown.  It is a very small size 6 dress …


I also love the shorter length dress again worn by Blake this week at Cannes Film Festival … I adored the beadwork and rich effect of the brocade style fabric.  I’d love to know what they put on her legs as she looks as if she’s wearing tights they are so flawless!  Reminds me to buy some Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs as it gives the same effect but be very wary as it rubs off onto clothes!

But the pièce de la résistance HAS to be THEE Gucci Premiere gown …

OMG.  Just perfection.  The simplicity of the shape, the richness of burgundy on her skin and the fabulous neckline are amazing on Blake.

Not only is the dress fantastic, check out her ear rings!!!!!!!!!!!!  Exquisite.  AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE her plait.  Ladies take note, as this is a hair style you can do yourself at home with perhaps the add of a friend so they can check the back.  It’s an undo that is dressy yet casual and effortless at the same time so a perfect choice for a school formal.

Evening Gown Envy!

Every now and again I get seriously green eyed when I see red carpet dresses that I think are amazing!

Unfortunately, without a mega budget, these styles will only be seen in my dreams, but hey I still love to imagine what I would look like wearing them!  After seeing this year’s Met Ball photos, I fell hard for some of the looks and I mean HARD!

…. Emma Stone and Blake Lively pulled out all the stops to impress hostess Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, in gowns by Thakoon and Gucci Premi

And you have to admire the simply stunningly bold Oscar De La Renta dress worn by SJP.  Love or hate it you have to admit it makes a statement and gloriously celebrates fashion which is what the Met Ball is all about!

BIG time, serious dress envy when I saw Rosie Huntington Whiteley wear a jaw droppingly daring Balmain sort dress!  I WANT it

Aaahhhhh, I would die happy if I had Victoria Beckham’s dress hanging in my wardrobe.  You NEVER disappoint VB and I love the fact this is from her own collection with trademark full zip running the length of the dress at the back ..

And I have to admit I actually really like Chrissy Teigen’s dress by Ralph Lauren as well.  It wasn’t my absolute favourite of the night BUT I loved the collar detail.  I thought it was stunningly elegant and the silver grey colour did stand out from the crowd too

Back to daydreaming about these gorgeous gowns and the gorgeous women who wore them. Bloody lucky ducks!!!


Leather Everywhere You Look!

It’s official, leather is all over the red carpet at the moment!  Notoriously a fabric kept for biker jackets and long trench coats, this season seems to favour leather dresses in all colours.

You should check out Blake Lively at Milan Fashion Week in an AMAZING, mustard yellow leather dress to the knee.

The addition of the belt gives the dress more shape whilst defining the waist and keeps the style more fashionable.  Leather as we all know, can look very “hard” when worn by a lady so Blake overcomes this beautifully by keeping her hair soft and not overly styled along with a restrained use of accessories.  I absolutely LOVE the red lip with this mustard colour, note to self!!

Going over to the dark side … Petra Ecclestone and Brooke Burke Charvet have decided to go with black leather dresses, once again, both to the knee which keeps the look less costume and more fashion forward.  I like the choice of a sleeve by Petra and she’s been very clever in that the sleeve stops short of the wrist so it doesn’t look sloppy or again become “catwoman-like.”

Then ……. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes one step further and wows in a tight, white PVC dress.

Ok, she’s a amazonian supermodel which means she looks good in everything, but I have to give her credit in this ensemble.

If you put white, tight and PVC all into the one sentence, you would immediately think, trailer park trash or possibly a porn role or even a Miley Cyrus stage costume BUT Rosie seems to be able to make this style uber sexy and classy.  She’s kept the overall look very sleek and groomed plus the addition of the pointed shoe is just genius.

The Side-Shade is back!!

From Kristin Cavallari to Blake Lively to Amanda Seyfried, the fascination and popularity of the signature side-shade hairstyle is back with a vengeance!

This style is perfect if you want to keep your hair down whilst still looking glamorous and sexy.  What’s even better is the fact that it’s extremely easy to do!!  Just a little bit of backcombing at the roots, a pair of tongs, a static free hairbrush and some hairspray and voila!! Such an effortless yet highly sophisticated look which looks even more spectacular with a red lip.

When I look at Fergie, Amber Heard and Julianne Hough rocking this particular hairstyle I can’t help but immediately think how the best looks always come back into fashion.  Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe all wore this hairstyle back in the 40s and 50s. The actual style itself has not changed one bit even if the technique of how to achieve it probably has.  Let’s just take a moment to admire these stunning, iconic women!





Looking for a fashion investment? Look no further than the humble white shirt!

Whether you spend £25 on a white shirt on sale in the High Street or pay just short of £100 on a custom made version, there is no doubt, no mistaking, that this will be one of the best wardrobe investments you will ever make.

I would even go as far as to say that the humble cotton, white shirt rivals the LBD in terms of comfort, reliability and never going out of fashion.

So let’s look at the classic white shirt.  Just how often can we wear it?  Where can we wear it?  What can we pair this simple item of clothing with?  The answer is EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING!

So let’s first of all look at: Just how often can we wear it?  The white shirt can easily transfer from day to night.  If you are wearing a white shirt underneath a suit for the office for example or with jeans for the school run simply throw the suit jacket, trousers or jeans to one side and pair with black, pencil trousers or dressy shorts.  Add pointed toe, dressy shoes and heavy costume jewelry and VOILA!


Where can we wear a white shirt?  My God, the ideas are endless!  Just think about how changing what you team the shirt with can transform the outfit for various occasions. Wear a white shirt to the office, to the local pub, to a restaurant for a date, to the theatre, on a shopping trip, travelling on a plane, even to a BLACK TIE event!

So …  What can I pair a white shirt with?  By now you ladies should be getting this.  Think jeans, leggings, shorts, a skirt (short and long), trousers (formal and casual), suit jacket, cut offs …. even a bikini!!  Think how much you spend on various cover ups for the beach before you jet off on holiday, all you really need is ONE item, a white shirt!  Change your footwear and accessories daily and you’ll have a different look for the pool each day.

As I said at the beginning, whether you are willing to heavily invest financially in this one crucial item or spend a small amount of your pay packet to ensure a white shirt remains in your wardrobe throughout the seasons, take the plunge, make the purchase, you will not regret it!


It’s official! Blake Lively has cellulite!

Ladies everywhere, we can heave a big sigh of relief …. she actually is human! I know it’s actually pretty mean to relish in the fact that Blake shows she also suffers from the most common lumps and bumps that we all have but seeing “those” pics somehow made me feel happier inside. I blogged about Blake last week who looked absolutely stunning and yes she absolutely is a gorgeous looking girl, there’s no doubt about that.  We constantly compare ourselves to the Hollywood celebrities of today but this just goes to show that without spanx, a hair and make up artist …. well …. they essentially look just like us! Praise the Lord. Don’t know about you girls but I definitely won’t feel as self conscious donning a bikini on holiday for ever more.

Recreate 40s style like Blake Lively

Remember ladies, it’s all in the details!  Your look can not be completed unless your accessories, make up and hair all compliment your chosen outfit. There seems to be a revival of the glamorous 40s era amongst the Hollywood stars at the moment.  “Rita Hayworth” hair for example, is demonstrated beautifully and to full effect by Blake Lively in this photo.  Idea is if your dress/outfit is busy and is a “statement” piece then you need to keep your hair simple.  Let the dress speak for itself.  This look is very easy to recreate at home with a pair of large barrell tongs.  Hair needs to be in great condition, so make sure to use a hair masque the night before or even some shine spray to really make the style pop.

I know I have blogged about this a few times before …. but …. the red lip is definitely back!  MAC have a great selection of red lippies and as this brand is renowned for its use by stage performers it has great staying power!  Remember to blot and reapply the lipstick a couple of times so that it won’t move or bleed into your make up.  There are loads of sites online which advise on the best way to apply lipstick.  Check out You tube as well for really helpful demonstrations.  When you think about it, the 40s were post war years when money was scarce so a simple red lip and hair style really did make all the difference.  Obviously, we are not in post war times at the moment, but the recesssion is making everyone tighten their belts somewhat, so rather than buy a whole new outfit for Saturday night, why not not simply change your hair and make up to create a new look.