Green Goddess at Star Ball!

A very special customer of mine, Cathy Lawe, shone brightly at the Star Ball a few weekends ago which was held in the amazing Titanic Building in Belfast.


Not only did Cathy’s outer beauty shine through in this stunning lime green dress but from the inside as well as this is one of the most fantastic women I have met in a very long time.

Back to fashion!  Cathy was the very first customer to wear this gorgeous dress with ruffled flowers across the bust and shoulder. I think maybe the bright colour has perhaps put some ladies off trying this on previously but Cathy completely embraced the lime green, in fact it was the first dress to catch her eye on the rail!

As this style flares out from just above the waist means that the bodice ends at the smallest part of your body before flowing down to the ground.  The pop of colour on the lip compliments this dress perfectly and because of the bright colour, Cathy has decided to let the dress speak for itself by keeping accessories to a minimum.

I think you’ll all agree that Cathy is a seriously Yummy Mummy!!


Brown as an alternative to black????

When you suggest the colour brown to alot of people they aren’t fussed.  So I want to change that mindset if I can ….. just have a look at how flattering and rich a mink/brown colour can look on the skin (see left of photo)!


Belle customer, Siobhan, Director of Sales & Marketing at the fabulous Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast, was looking for a dress which fitted her shape perfectly.  That’s really the most important thing to think about when choosing a dress, it needs to highlight all of your best assets and disguise the parts that you’re not so keen on.  Siobhan needed the dress to be really comfortable and also modest as this was a work related event which she was attending therefore this simple style was perfect!  See Siobhan on far right of photo …

Siobhan 2

Siobhan has absolutely gorgeous auburn hair and so the mink hue of this dress was so complimentary to her skin tone.  Although, I know Siobhan won’t mind when I say that she did add a little fake tan to really bring out the warmth of the dress.  Siobhan kept the overall look really fresh with a modern up-do,elongating the neck and really showing off those wonderful collarbones!

Grecian style at Belfast’s Titanic Quarter …….

How fabulous does Belle Dress Hire customer Lisa look in this gorgeous, grecian inspired, one shoulder dress?

Lisa Stevenson

This dress although an off white colour actually suits blondes, brunettes and red heads alike.  There’s no doubt that the skin needs to have a little tan to warm the overall look but I have seen this dress on a variety of ladies with different hair colourings and it always looks stunning.

Lisa decided on this dress because it fitted her figure so well which is really important and also it was extremely comfortable to wear.  When Lisa brought the dress back (in immaculate condition I might add) she delighted in telling me that she had never had so many compliments.  Complete strangers had come over to her asking where she had bought the dress and those who knew Lisa well were amazed at how fabuolus her figure looked in the dress. All in all a fantastic Belle Dress Hire success!

Lisa Stevenson 2

What is going on???

A few days ago the weather was absolutely gorgeous in Lisburn.  Guys were walking around Belfast with their tops off showing guinness fuelled pot bellies and girls were wearing shorts and skirts as short as they dared! So what has happened?  All of a sudden there is a chill in the air and even talk of snow on the way.

When the weather is more up and down than Chris Moyles mood swings, I would suggest layering.  By simply putting a few layers on you can add and take off depending on just how warm or cold you get. Layers do not have to be boring and can actually really make an outfit “pop” if you get it right. Layers also offer you the opportunity to add some colour whether clashing or complimentary.

So experiment with layers until the Belfast weather sorts itself out!