Beat the bloat in run up to event!

I have just read online that Epsom Salts can help reduce the appearance of bloating!  When I used to perform on stage with Lord of The Dance in my younger years, I bathed at night in Epsom Salts as they helped to relax my aching muscles.  It never occurred to me that they actually helped minimise a bloated tummy as well!  Apparently, this is all because Epsom Salts contain magnesium which can also aid a good night’s sleep.  So that’s three major benefits of adding some salts to your bath.

So girls, in the run up to your event, take note that if you want to look your best in a figure hugging, floor length gown, take a bath or two that week and add Epsom Salts!  This and the addition of Spanx means you’ll look a few pounds lighter!