Fancy a change like Beyonce??

It was all over the media this week when Beyonce posted a selfie with shorn locks!  Gone was the mass of blonde waves we all know her for and in their place was a short, pixie style haircut.


Now this pixie hairstyle has been very popular over the years with the likes of Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and of course Halle Berry all championing this ok.

I thought it so very brave of Beyonce to go all the way with this look because I also have really long hair and it becomes a comfort blanket at times and a curtain to hide behind if necessary as well.  With really short hair, you are so exposed!  There’s nowhere to hide! Your skin needs to be flawless and a petite, slim jawline is a must to sport this look in order to maintain an air of femininity.  I also applauded Beyonce for trying something different, especially now that she’s a working mum, surely having less hair to style each day is bound to be a relief, right?  BUT alas, within days Beyonce must have felt the overexposure of her scalp just a tad too much to handle as a photo emerged today of her showing a short cut at the back with longer layers at the front.

I’m really disappointed.  I think this look is ghastly! It’s neither here nor there and the hair looks in really bad condition.

In fact, Giuliana Rancic from E News had a similar “non-descript” hairstyle recently which I’m glad to say she has changed to a sleeker, more groomed bob.

I think where hair is concerned you need to go either long or short with a definitive style and shape to the hair.  Beyonce this new look is so blah honestly and looks really untidy and dare I say it not becoming of a DIVA!!   Please change it immediately!!!


Even a broken arm won’t stop a fashion statement being made!

I am amazed that celebrities and famous Hollywood starlets continue to surprise me as to the lengths they will strive to make headlines and to always live us to the “celeb” hype we all know.

Let’s look at Mariah Carey first.  Mostly known for and associated with diva behaviour and demands, she is also a mother of two children and a fantastically talented singer.  So when she dislocated her shoulder recently, rather than ruin her fabulous stage costumes and disappoint her adoring fans who love her fashion, she decided to co-ordinate her shoulder sling with every outfit.  So you’ll see a bejeweled/crystal sling, then a fully feathered version and last but not least a snow white plume effect sling.  This demonstrates that Mariah is fully committed to fashion and to the look she portrays to the media as well as her fans.

I firstly thought that only someone like Mariah would go to these levels to “tart” up a medical sling but then I discovered there actually has been quite a few other celebrities who have done this in the past!  Yes I’m talking to you Anne Hathaway, Diane Von Furstenberg and even Grace Kelly!!!!



You Gotta LOVE Tina!

So, it’s your wedding day and you’re 73 years of age ………… what the hell do you wear??

I give you the awesome Tina Turner who recently got hitched in Switzerland ….

Now this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but let’s be honest, at Tina’s age she couldn’t have rocked a dainty Vera Wang down the aisle now could she!  She’s a legend and so the dress had to be legendary and this green and black silk Armani hit the mark.  I’m not too sure about the sequin leggings poking out at the bottom but I have to admit Tina made a fashion yet age appropriate statement with this wedding gown and looks beautiful.  Take note ladies, you don’t have to go with an ivory, strapless, A-line gown for your big day.  Whilst you may not want to go as far as Tina has done, you might get inspiration from some of the other fabulous, iconic and unusual wedding dresses worn by stars such as Gwen Stefani and Anne Hathaway.




WOW!! Check out Anne Hathaway!!

My God, what a transformation!!  Anne Hathaway has been criticised for her “boring” fashion choices of late.  She also has been absolutely annihilated on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as the US press for her “over the top” speeches and antics which has not gone down favourably with the general public.  In fact, people have said some really cruel things about Anne and apparently she had taken them very much to heart and found it difficult to cope or understand the barrage of hatred towards her.

So ……. did she have a total rethink about her image and how she is portrayed when she chose this daring, sheer, black dress at the Met Gala and fabulous platinum hair????  She looks absolutely amazing and surely should get collective praise from the fashion crown for her outfit!  Come on Joan Rivers and hosts at Fashion Police …. you have to say something nice!


Curse of the dreaded Satin …

I have posted before about why satin is not a good material for evening/formal dresses which is why I do not stock dresses in this particular fabric.  Last time I focused on Lindsay Lohan, this time I give you Kelly Rutherford.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful colour on her and the style of dress itself doesn’t offend me BUT the wrinkles do!!!